Cabbage patch kids

Cabbage patch kids

If you hadn’t gathered in recent weeks, I’m a bit of a reality TV freak. I like to think it’s part of my job spec to keep abreast of popular culture, but let’s face it, I just love trashy TV for the cringe worthy, stressful situations that I would never personally put myself in.

So I was in my element when the remaining Project Runway six were given the brief of making foodie fashion last night. Seriously – dresses, tops and skirts out of actual food. And nothing else. What does one do when faced with such a dilemma? Stock up on cabbage if you’re Ivana.

Now I’m not sure how you feel about returning contestants – I thought the whole welcome back Poh thing in MasterChef was a bit of a farce – but I’m rather thrilled that Ivana’s back as she’s amazing in my opinion. And the judge’s – who deemed her winning rainbow silverbeet and cabbage combo “fabulous, evolved and sexy” – obviously agree too.

However, throwing cabbage into the mix sent me into a pickle on the hair front. Not Joh Bailey though. The uber-cool TRESemmé super stylist whipped up a stylish bun in no time.

Here’s how to recreate one at home:

Step 1: spritz towel-dried hair with TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Protective Tamer Spray and blow-dry straight.

Step 2: pull hair up into a high ponytail using TRESemmé Freeze Hold Extra Strong Hairspray to comb the hair so that you’re free from strays.

Step 3: separate the ponytail in to two pieces (inner and outer sections).

Step 4: loop the outer sections under to create the bun. Do the same thing for the inner section and secure with bobby pins. Do a final spritz with TRESemmé Freeze Hold Extra Strong Hairspray to hold everything in place.

If you had to make an outfit from food what ingredient would you go for?

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