Getting inspired

Getting inspired

Let’s be honest, not all of us are ever going to have shoes handcrafted by Jimmy Choo, much less have a gown sketched and sewn just for us by the designer of our dreams. So when I was given the chance to have my hair colour tailored exactly to fit my skin tone, personality and style by a master of the trade, I leapt at it.

The concept is called Inspire, it’s by Wella and, as colourist extraordinaire Vincent at Headcase Hair in Sydney explained to me, it’s unlike any other colour service there is. How so? Well, while other tints mixed at most hairdressers are limited to the existing colours within a range, Inspire features any number of seven pure pigments (like the primary colours of an artist’s palette) that can be measured, weighed and blended granule by tiny granule into any shade imaginable. You and the colour specialist can create the precise colour or colours to suit you and then dress you in them in any way from a full head to foils.

Mine’s a strand-perfect, looks-like-I-was-born-with-it blonde that I loved from the very first second (it usually takes me some time to ‘grow into’ a new ‘do). I especially adore the idea that there’s the Hermes Kelly bag, the Chanel little black dress and now the Wella Tracey hair colour – and my signature look can’t even be knocked off and sold to all and sundry from a car boot. Not even Chanel herself could say that much.

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