19 things all girls with pixie cuts can relate to


You know the saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side”? That couldn’t be more accurate for the pixie cut. After spending countless hours brushing out knots and deep conditioning your long hair, nothing sounds better than the idea of cutting it ALL off. But then you do, and you’re back to craving longer hair.

Sound familiar?

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From the moment you look in the mirror for the first time, to saying goodbye to your beloved beanie collection, there are so many unexpected highs and lows when it comes to having super cropped hair. Let us take you through the seriously good (and some not so great) times that all you girls with pixie crops will relate to.

In short (pardon the pun), it’s high maintenance, but totally worth it.


Carey Mulligan = hair goals

You’ve been mistaken for her once or twice… from behind… and far, far away.

Shampooing is a total breeze

Can you say ‘head massage?’

The endless search for a hair elastic is a thing of the past

Just one of the many, many issues that comes with having long hair…

Cue the cute hair accessories

Headbands, scarves and sweet bow clips make constant appearances in your beauty repertoire.

Single toned hair is totally excusable

AND DOABLE. There’s no need to pay someone else to do that!
You’ll need: NaturStyle Permanent Hair Colourant and ColourB4 Hair Colour Remover Extra (… just in case). 

You’ve significantly cut down on costs

Can’t you just feel that holiday breeze?

You’ve single-handedly stopped the clock on ageing

What’s the secret to looking younger? Short hair.

All your drains are officially clog-free!

Your housemates are overjoyed by the good news!

Limited hairstyle options

The good news: a quick slick of the gel and you’re out the door in seconds. Let bh’s Sophia show you how


You’re spending every second Saturday in the salon, to keep it from turning into an “awkward-phase”


You’re a bystander at slumber parties

On the bright side, while everyone’s busy braiding and styling, you have free reign on the party snacks.

Winter can be a real b*tch

While other girls are keeping cosy with their long hair protecting their necks, yours is turning purple from frostbite.

Limited hairstyle options

The bad news: are you loving these awesome celebrity braids? Forget about it.

You have to use product every day

No really, otherwise you roll out of bed and spend the entire day as a walking Q-tip.

A mimed hair flip just isn’t the same as the real deal

Don’t even bother trying it, you’ll just feel foolish.

Hats are off limits

Wearing one only makes you look bald. SO BALD.

One word: cowlick

No one could have ever properly prepared you for this.

Bad weather days are the stuff of nightmares

Wind is your biggest enemy.

When blemishes arise, there’s nowhere to hide

Just wear it loud and proud, girl.

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Have you ever had a pixie cut before? If so, have you experienced the same emotional rollercoaster?

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