Pinterest Predicts The Biggest Beauty Trends For 2022


Pinterest provides the world with a wealth of inspiration for homes, weddings, food, and of course, beauty. And so when it comes to forecasting what will be hot in 2022, Pinterest’s beauty trend predictions are usually on point.

After all, they’re privy to what’s been ‘pinned’ on people’s boards and can provide some serious insight.

So is the curtain fringe here to stay? And what nail art designs are set to dominate?

You’ll find the answers in Pinterest’s predictions below…

#1 Pearlcore


If you thought hair accessories were all but done, the pearl is still a stellar exception. There’s been a rise in the query across fashion, and even home decor. For beauty, pearls are made most wearable in the hair, but you can also get creative with face and nail decals.

#2 Rebel cuts


We’ve missed the hairdresser, HARD. But now that we’re back, bold cuts are on the menu as one of the top Pinterest beauty trends. From mohawks to shaved head dye designs, soft layers and timid trims are no longer kings. The mullet alone has had a 190% increase as a trending search term.

#3 Nailscapes


Our manicures are about to be out of this world. Galaxy nail art, aurora nails, and geode nail art are all on the upward trajectory. One easy way to create a constellation on your digits? Paint a layer of black before sponging on some speckled purple and blue. Finish with a few drops of white for stars and voilà!

#4 Oh my goth


The predicted rise of the goth is mostly related to fashion, with goth cowboy, goth business attire and even goth baby clothes trending. But beauty often goes hand in hand, so hold onto your plum lipsticks and moody palettes. Time will tell…

#5 Flexercise


Great news for those who despise high-intensity workouts: 2022 is all about the low impact. From ‘lazy workout in bed’ to ‘walking in nature’ and ‘simple dance moves’, mindful movement is set to trump sweat seshes and we couldn’t be happier about it.

What do you think of Pinterest’s predicted beauty trends? Would you try any?

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  1. Some of these are pretty weird, people already think I’m a goth because I dyed my hair purple and have a nose stud. I don’t wear black clothes often, and I give black nails a miss. Funny the assumptions people make – a 50 year old goth!

  2. I love the galaxy nails, but my nail art expertise is limited to a black base with a glitter topcoat.

    I’ve been noticing a lot of pics with dark lipliner lately: even with nude lips, the liner has been a few shades darker & unblended.

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