Home & Away’s Pia Miller shares her hair and beauty secrets

Home & Away’s Pia Miller shares her hair and beauty secrets

There’s plenty to envy about former Home & Away star, Pia Miller. 

From her glowing skin to her big brown eyes and of course, her long, beautiful hair – to say we were pretty keen to peek inside her beauty cabinet is an understatement.

But perhaps what surprised us the most about the 36-year-old’s routine, is how low-maitenance her hair is.

Finding success in a no-nasties routine, here, Pia tells bh what works best for her thick, slightly wavy and at times, unruly, hair…

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Pia’s hair wash routine

We weren’t kidding when we said it’s low maitenance.

“I usually jump in the shower of a morning and cleanse my face, then wash my hair”, says Pia, who uses, Pantene’s newly improved Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner. “It has no nasties (aka zero silicone) and leaves my hair feeling super lightweight.”

She doesn’t wash her hair every day though… “I don’t feel [any] grease [after using it], even after day two and three of washing.” 


Pia’s hair styling routine

“My go-to hair style is always out, with a natural wave,” says Pia. “After the shower I brush and try to let it air dry and remain as natural as possible with a little wave.”

Since ditching silicone in her shampoo, Pia says her hair is more “smooth and nourished so I can wear my hair in all types of styles if needed.” 

For a fancy night out, Pia still keeps her hair pretty relaxed. “I’m a hair out kind of girl so generally it will be out; I will run a hair tool through it to create a little more of a bend or ‘put together’ wave.”

The one hairstyle Pia has always wanted to try

“The slick straight hair, parted in the middle – very Kim Kardashian – but I’ve been too scared as my hair is SO thick. I’m worried it won’t sit how it should.”


“I’ll try it one day, just need the right person to do it!” 

Pia’s biggest hair lessons and advice

Pia has never been one to go too ‘wild’ with her hair, relying on “a hairdresser I trust and love” for the colour and “styling that works for my thick hair and sticking with what I know.”

But one thing she’s found to be beneficial is “knowing what ingredients are in your hair care products.”

“No-gos for me are parabens, colourants and mineral oils. Most, if not all of the products I use for my hair and face meet these standards.”

Pia’s must-have beauty products:

Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler

$34, MECCA

Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo & Conditioner

The new and improved formula – with 0% silicone – is out now.

Read reviews for the Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo & Conditioner.

SKII Facial Treatment Mask

$28-$150, Myer

MAC Eye Pencil in ‘Coffee’

Read MAC Eye Pencil reviews.

Liberty Belle Eye Do

$168, www.libertybelle.com.au

What do you think of Pia’s low-maitenance routine? Do you pay attention to the ingredients in your hair products?

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

Review them now to earn points that you can swap for free beauty products in RewardsRoom.

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  1. Is she Kardhashian too? My routine has nothing in common with hers
    I use whatever works. Ing in haircare?…more or less as long as hair product is not frying my hair out…

  2. I don't watch H&A, so I didn't know who she was. I like her wash & wear attitude – I do that, too. I'm not so fussed about silicone. Maybe I should try going silicone-free, but my main concern is always oil-control.

  3. I don't know who Pia is because I don't watch Home & Away. There's no way I could just let my hair air dry – I have to do the whole blow dry and hair straightener routine every 3-4 days otherwise I'd look like a scarecrow.

  4. I let my hair air dry these days too! Mainly because my hair dryer broke and I haven’t replaced it yet. Liking the look though and surprisingly my hair is behaving mostly

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