These Are The Best Hairstyles For Women Over 50, According To Australia’s Top Hairstylists


Somewhere along the line many of us started to believe that once we reached a certain age,  we’d be limited to one hairstyle and one hairstyle only: short, sharp and blunt. 

And while we love a pixie cut when it’s done well, what we don’t love is the idea of women believing that any other style is out of bounds due to a fear of being aged.

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 According to hairstylist and Grow Haircare expert, Belinda Keeley from Chumba Concept, this is exactly how it frequently plays out, too. “[It is] a common misconception that hairdressers have to deal with often – women coming in wanting all their beautiful hair chopped off.” Because no, it’s not your only option. 

In fact, we enlisted the help of some of Australia’s top hairstylists to create a list of the best hairstyles for women over 50. And while yes, short hair does make an appearance (we do love it after all), it’s not all chop, chop, chop…


Otherwise known as a “long bob”, trust us when we tell you that this low-maintenance style will suit any face shape.

If you’re wanting to dip your toe in the water before committing to the full chop, this textured shoulder-grazing cut is the perfect entry point. Plus, the daily maintenance is non-existent. 


If fine, lack-lustre roots are holding you back from a fun, edgier cut – try bringing the focus to the front by adding a side-sweeping fringe to your pixie cut. 


Air-dried, straightened or curled locks are easily shown off when falling from a defined centre part. To perfect your sleek middle section, create your centre part while hair is still damp, then apply a heat protecting product and blow-dry into place. 


 The bob is a popular choice for a reason; the cut is as versatile as it is flattering. The face-framing hairstyle can sit anywhere from your ear to your jaw, or grazing the tops of your shoulders. 

 A hairdresser can adapt the cut to accentuate your best features (or even conceal the ones you don’t love), with the flexibility to wear it sleek and chic or shaggy and tousled.

 “A timeless bob or lob, season after season is in high demand” says Ida Tirimacco of ORBE salon, who at 52 is rocking a pastel pink lob herself.

 If your preferred bob style resembles a “perfect mirror sharp finish” as Anthony Nader from RAW Salon describes it, “you need to tackle this cut with very clean and sharp lines”. 

 And, how to achieve this? “The secret here is always making sure your haircut is cut with pure preciseness” without a “razor blade in sight.”



 As long as you keep your hair healthy and well maintained, you don’t need to immediately chop it all off the second you blow out the birthday candles.

 “If you look after the condition of your hair, longer hair can look great at any age,” says Ida. “If wearing it up, [I’d avoid doing] a messy throwback low pony [and instead] keep it higher (but not too high!).” 

 Grow Haircare expert Belinda Keeley echoes the long hair sentiment, saying that, “having longer hair than a pixie or cropped cut doesn’t age you, however, you just need to be mindful of how long you let it get”. 

 She even adds that “most people over 50 should avoid hair that is too short, especially if it is the same length all over. A short haircut is obviously an easy style to maintain but can make a woman look a lot older than necessary”.

 The most flattering length will be different for everyone, and it’s important to find your own personal sweet spot if keeping or growing it long. 

 In terms of what to avoid, however, Belinda does say that “oo long hair, like down past your hips, can age a person, especially if their hair looks wispy or straggling towards the ends”. 

 So if you are going to grow it out, “ensure that you invest in products that are going to nourish your hair”.

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 Similar to cut styles, there are a few key tricks to remember when it comes to getting the most out of your colour.

 The first? “Make sure it’s in the right tone to compliment your skin,” says Ida.  

 As she warns, “Never go too dark as this is an instant-ager and not flattering on anyone. It’s also more flattering to have depth and dimension”. 

 When it comes to what to ask for in-salon, she says to stick with highlights, lowlights and baby lights, and avoid one block colour all over.

 But most importantly, “don’t be afraid to embrace greys, look how fabulous Helen Mirren looks” 



 In order to avoid the ageing effects of a flat, lifeless mane, keep your hair full and bouncy from the roots down.

 With the right haircut, Belinda says “you can achieve a great amount of volume without having to spend hours creating the style”. 

 But if you find your hair still needs an extra push, seek the help of a volumising or dry shampoo to absorb any unwanted oil and add texture to your look.

 bh recommends: GROW Thicker Fuller Volumising Dry Shampoo Powder

 And in advice from Anthony Nader, he suggests tweaking your  blow-dry technique slightly to amplify your hair at the roots. 

 “[Use] a small to medium round 100 per cent boar bristle brush (the smaller the better as you’ll get volume that lasts), [to] gently give your hairstyle more ‘oomph’ without yanking from the roots”.

Boar bristlebrushes are kinder to our hair, which, like most things, tends to become more delicate as we age.

 bh recommends:ELEVEN Australia Medium Round Brush, Mason Pearson Handy Pure Bristle



Cuts that are too harsh and too blunt can often be unforgiving. They also don’t leave much room for flexibility when you don’t have time to perfectly achieve a sleek and styled look each morning.

Instead, Belinda recommends, “wavy shags with a wispy fringe, a soft side-swept fringe or long layers with a softened fringe”.

Keeping in mind that each cut should be tailored to your specific face shape and features, she explains that for “people with strong jawlines or larger foreheads, you’ll want your haircut to work to soften” rather than “further enhance or elongate those areas”. 

So if you love your hair short, but want to ensure it stays soft, Anthony suggests  leaving the hair length around the hairline longer and therefore “hugging it to the skin”. This will help to avoid harsh lines as it grows out.

Most importantly, whatever cut, style or colour you choose, ensure you can factor in the maintenance required to keep it looking just how you like it. And once you nail your choice, be confident and wear it with pride.

What do you think about these hair tips? What is your favourite style?

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  1. Yes we all know what suits our face shape and our personality and life too. So I totally agree – I’m 53 and have long healthy hair which I love to style differently (suits my personaility). I like keeping it neatly cut with a blunt cut to keep it healthy looking and it’s down to my chest.

  2. I go with what suits me which is short, with soft edges and dimensional hair colour. I’ve had short hair since my mid 20s and although I’ve tried to grow it a couple of times, longer hair does nothing for me.

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