Trend alert: Colour your hair like Gisele Bündchen


Listen up, because there’s been a shift in the follicle forecast. 2014 was all about balayage, but a more natural trend is on the horizon for 2015: the ecaille tortoiseshell ombré.

It involves elevating the natural colours of your hair by introducing caramel and golden highlights. Think a slightly richer and darker version of your natural hair colour, paired with golden, honey colours and a whole lotta shine. While balayage features a dramatic change in colour, this version of ombré has softer, more blended hues.

The poster girl for tortoiseshell tresses is Gisele Bündchen, but we’ve seen a few other early adopters to the trend: Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

If you want to join them, here are some helpful tips about what to ask for next time you visit the salon:

  1. Just in case your stylist doesn’t know of the new technique yet, bring in a picture (or five).
  2. Explain the key elements to make your vision a little clearer. Say you’d like to darken the base colour and add some serious gloss.
  3. Tell your colourist to focus on vibrant, face-framing highlights for the front while adding softer pieces around the rest of your head. Remember to ask for various tones. While you’re not looking for ombré, you are after a graduation from dark at the roots to light at the end.

What do you think of the tortoiseshell colour trend?

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