Nursing heat damaged winter hair back to health

Nursing heat damaged winter hair back to health

Getting out of the shower with dripping wet hair during the cold winter months is my idea of hell! So like most women I am very quick to dry my damp locks with an ultra-hot hairdryer on full blast, then go in with my flat iron for some texture, many times forgetting to use a heat protection spray. Oops.

Here are my five top tips to nursing your hair back to health after a long winter of heat damage:
1. Kinda obvious but get a trim! Snip off those dead split ends and you will instantly feel a million times better about your hair.

2. Just like your skin, your hair becomes dryer in the colder months, so first step to nourishing brittle winter hair is to boost moisture by changing up your in-shower hair care routine. Switch to more hydrating products like Schwarzkopf’s Ultimate Repair Shampoo and Conditioner that contains three times liquid keratin.

3. Remember to use a heat protection spray before applying any direct heat to your hair. This is a step that we can all be forgetful about, but when using a straightening iron, which can reach 220 degrees, the result of fried hair is not a desired one. I give my hair a generous spray holding the bottle 20cm away from damp hair and brush through so each strand is coated. Schwarzkopf Taft Guardian Angel protects hair up to 220 degrees of heat and gives your hair a glossy finish.

4. On in-between days when you aren’t washing your hair, try out some cute braids. To give your hair some extra moisture spray with an intense leave-in conditioner before braiding. This way your hair is having a little TLC all day whilst being pinned up in braids!

5. Deep Conditioning! Take 30mins a week to apply a hair treatment, it seems like a big task but it’s not. Here are some things I do whilst I have a hair treatment in : go into a Pinterest trance, fold the laundry and watch my favourite beauty gurus on YouTube – although shamefully it usually becomes the time I get my Keeping up with the Kardashians fix. Choose your treatment to match your hair type: colour treated, coarse and brittle or dry and damaged. My favourite this winter has been the Schwarzkopf Ultimate Elixr Structure Renewal Treatment, giving my hair a weekly health boost it is noticibly more shiny and stronger after the treatment.

I am no longer a winter hair heat damage offender, and my hair is definitely stronger and healthier for it.

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Does your hair suffer from heat damage? What products do you use to bring your hair back to life?

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