Nicole Kidman’s Latest Look Has The Internet Divided

Nicole Kidman’s Latest Look Has The Internet Divided

The just-released 28th edition of Vanity Fair’s annual Hollywood Issue is all about honouring actors who have had outstanding performances over the past year. Fronting the star-studded lineup are actors including Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Idris Elba and Kristen Stewart – a list of big names that will surprise, confuse and divide no one. Nicole Kidman’s cover look, however, did leave some fans scratching their heads. 

A far cry from the ball gowns and old Hollywood glamour we’re used to, Nicole’s cover shoot sees her dressed her in a Miu Miu crop top and mini skirt-combo, which even by Euphoria High’s standards would’ve caused a stir. 

In spite of her out-of-character fashion choice, Nicole did maintain one very familiar and iconic quality: her long and luscious strawberry blonde hair, which to our further surprise, was actually a wig. Even though this look is never a miss on Nicole, we’re not entirely certain why she’s wearing a wig that so closely resembles her real hair. But hey, paired with her striking crimson lipstick, it looks damn good.

The perplexing look even caught the attention of @dietprada, an account once labelled “the most feared Instagram profile,” who compared it to Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine cover. Their caption for the image? “Break the internet”.

Some fans were immediate supporters: “She looks stunning” commented one follower, followed by “haters are gonna hate! Nicole is looking amazing!”.

Others weren’t so sure, adding “wow, that’s a surprising look,” along with “I’m confused by this styling choice. Not because she doesn’t look great, not because it’s revealing and not like women can wear whatever at any age.  It’s just strange that they dressed her in a school girl outfit. I’ll give it this: If this image doesn’t sum up the last 28 years of Hollywood idk what does.” 

Although opinions were divided, there was one thing we can all agree on: Nicole Kidman looks as beautiful as ever and Vanity Fair couldn’t have picked a more deserving star to represent their iconic Hollywood Issue. 

What do you think of Nicole Kidman’s cover shoot? 

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  1. We know image is overly edited. She looks her age in real life. The image looks great, but this is not real Nicole. But cartoon equivalent. The clothing is just trendy now, we are back to 90s skimpy fashion, super minis etc. I do wear minis too.

  2. Oh Nicole……please be your age and the elegant lady that you are. Don’t stoop down to the K’s level. Yes, she looks great but it reminds me of one of Hugh Hefners bunnies.

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