Happy hair

Happy hair

How’s your hair today? If you’re like most women, the way it feels, looks and behaves has the power to make you feel like you’ve become an instant millionaire or lost a winning lotto ticket.

More and more haircare companies know it too. And they appreciate haircare is far from being one-size-fits all. That’s why they’re now producing mix and match shampoo and conditioner combos sold through salons where you can receive advice from professionals on meeting your perfect match.  

Australian brand De Lorenzo launched its new Prescriptive Solutions range yesterday. What makes it different is that each shampoo comes with a choice of two conditioners. Ok, so there are only two shampoos to start with – Control Shampoo and Moisture Balance Shampoo – but you can select the level of conditioning required to suit your hair: Intense for deep nourishment and Revive for light detangling in two variations.

That means if your scalp and roots are prone to oiliness but the rest of your hair is dry, you can use Control Shampoo to beat oil build-up and Moisture Balance Revive Conditioner for softness and shine.

Starting to make sense? With a little guidance from your hairdresser, you simply pick and mix the exact products for your hair type. No matter how petulant it might be. So not only is it the way to better hair but also less wastage from half-used products when you realise the co-ordinating shampoo and conditioner aren’t necessarily the best of companions for your tresses.

Goldwell dualsenses takes a similar approach. For instance, you can rely on Scalp Regulation shampoo to calm a tender scalp and finish with Curly Twist to restore your signature waves. Or Color Extra Rich shampoo to protect your hard-won ruby locks during washing while Ultra Volume conditioner then lightly detangling without fear the final result will end up limp.

The combinations are endless.

How does your hair respond to matching shampoos and conditioners?  

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