Best new dry shampoo formulas, reviewed


Dry shampoo has quickly become a must-have hair product for women all across the world. But with new dry shampoo formulas being released all the time, is it time to update your beloved hair BFF?

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If so, lucky you – we’ve done the legwork and identified three of the biggest dry shampoo releases this season that should be on your radar. And because we love you (and dry shampoo), we’ve reviewed each one to help you figure out which one is best for your locks. You’re welcome!

If you’ve only got $10… Batiste Dry Shampoo – LUXE

The new Batiste Dry Shampoo – LUXE lives up to its name

Batiste have got budget-friendly dry shampoo on lock and they just keep bringing the goods with each new release. In fact, Batiste was the first dry shampoo brand I really fell for, and I keep coming back to the brand because the products are just that good – and I consider myself quite an expert when it comes to dry shampoo, so I’m tough to impress. The new Batiste Dry Shampoo – LUXE provides the same reliable formula you’ve come to know and love, with the added bonus of a seriously intoxicating new scent.

As soon as this newbie landed on my desk, I had to give it a go. The packaging is an eye-catching peacock print, that looks opulent, as it actually specifies on the can. I sprayed it into my oily roots and worked it in with my hands and my lank, greasy locks were toast in around 15 seconds flat.

If you’re a brunette… Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle Tinted

Brunettes rejoice! The Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle  now comes in a tinted formula

Brunettes know the never-ending struggle of using dry shampoo – you find a formula that you fall in love with, but struggle to deal with the white powdery residue in your hair. Well good news for all those lovers of the classic Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle. The legendary formula for oily hair now comes in a tinted formula for brunettes, Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle Tinted!

Having recently returned to my natural brunette roots, mainly out of laziness, I was stoked to try this new tinted version. It’s the same as the regular formula in that it is designed for those with oily hair, which is also perfect for me and my greasy locks. I applied it the same as my other dry shampoo products and it perfectly dissolved the oil with no white powder residue. And even though the product is tinted, it didn’t leave any marks on my clothes or hands. Normally I use my hair dryer to blast out any remaining product, but with this bad boy I didn’t even need to – winner!

If you’re sick of dealing with build-up… R+Co Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist (from $37,

The R+Co Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist  – a micellar-based dry shampoo!

We all want clean, fresh-looking hair every day, but not all of us want to out the effort into washing it – at least I don’t! But instead of washing it, I’ll often layer dry shampoo into my hair for days on end to keep it looking clean, which can result in build-up from all the residual powder. So when I attended the recent launch of the R+Co Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist, a micellar-based product, I was more than a little intrigued.

R+Co’s co-founder Howard McLaren explained that the Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist is able to remove build-up and purify the hair just like your beloved micellar water does for your skin. The best thing is, it’ll do it without adding powder to your hair – no more white marks! So it’s excellent for brunettes or anyone with fine hair that doesn’t bode well with powder formulas. And you can apply it just like a regular dry shampoo – simple spray it throughout your hair, let it settle for 30 seconds, then massage it in. When I applied it to my hair, I noticed that the water just evaporated into my hair, leaving it completely clean and without a single trace of product.

Are you looking for a new dry shampoo? What’s your Holy Grail dry shampoo?

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