The truth about natural hair dye

The truth about natural hair dye

As anyone who loves to switch up their hair colour knows, regularly dyeing your hair can prove very taxing on your locks. But thanks to new innovations in hair colour, there are now natural hair dye alternatives that can help to minimise the damage to your strands. These new next-gen hair dyes contain significantly less chemicals and claim to deliver salon results.

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So should we be forgoing our regular hair dye of choice in favour of a new natural alternative? O&M founder Jose Bryce Smith sure thinks so. She says that contrary to popular belief, natural hair dyes like O&M’s new COR.color can create vibrant, lust-worthy hair colours in a range of shades. We spoke to her about the benefits of natural hair dye and why you just might want to consider making the switch.

Why choose natural hair dye?

For anyone who has been to the hairdresser for a major colour makeover and come out with seriously stressed-out strands, a low-chemical hair dye is definitely an appealing option. Jose explains that the lack of chemicals in a natural hair dye is the biggest attraction for making the switch. “The primary reason for choosing a natural hair dye is to avoid all the nasty chemicals, which in fact turn out to be completely unnecessary,” she says.

But it’s important to note that while hair dyes such as O&M’s COR.color are low-chem, Jose says no hair dye can ever be completely natural. “Unfortunately there is not a 100% natural hair dye,” she says. “However it is O&M’s aim to focus not only on the ingredients used, but the ingredients not used. O&M’s COR.color is the world’s best performing Ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol-free hair colour and it has no smell, fumes or scalp irritation.”

Scalp irritation is one of the biggest draw cards for making the switch from regular hair dye to natural hair dye. Jose says that the reason natural hair dye might be a better option for those suffering from scalp issues is because of the lack of chemicals in the dye. “The differentiating factor between the dyes is most definitely the ingredients used,” she explains. “Harsh chemicals are the reason for a lot of skin reactions and because of the elimination of harsh chemicals in natural dyes, you are less likely to see scalp irritations or allergic reactions.”

So it’s natural – but does it really work like a regular hair dye?

Now I know what you’re thinking – you’ve been seduced by all-natural products before, only to find yourself sweating through your blouse after applying that ‘amazing’ organic deodorant. But Jose assures us that natural hair dye is the real deal and works just as well as a regular hair dye.

“With the help of world-leading chemists, O&M have formulated Molecular Blend Technology (MBT), a combined blend of Desert Harvest and O&M Signature Oil Blend,” she says. “With MBT, colour pigments are pre-linked, giving superior coverage, vibrancy and long-lasting results. It gently but powerfully delivers luminous blondes, show-stopping reds, and deep brunettes.”

So despite what you might have heard, natural hair dye might just be the natural alternative you’ve been searching for. And if you’re worried about finding a natural hair dye that will give you the exact Pinterest-sourced hair colour you’re after, Jose says you needn’t worry. “There’s a big misconception that natural hair dyes have a smaller colour range,” she says. But O&M alone have got more than 98 shades in their COR.color range, so you’re bound to find the shade you’re lusting after without compromise. “We’ve even created fashion-forward palettes that range from dusty pink to apricot.”

The best bit? Jose says that natural hair dye will work for any hair type. “Natural hair dye doesn’t discriminate! All hair types would benefit from a lower chemical hair dye, especially people with sensitive scalps or a previous reaction to a chemical hair dye.” So tender-scalped gals, take note!

Is there extra care involved to maintain natural hair dye?

Good news – Jose says that natural hair dye doesn’t require any more upkeep than regular hair dye does. When it comes to maintaining your new colour, she says it’s all down to choosing the right products at home.

“Invest in a shampoo and conditioner that’s designed specifically for colour-treated hair to help keep the vibrant colour of your hair,” she suggests. “Steer clear of products containing sulphates, especially shampoo and conditioners as they are the most regular products we use. Sulphates can really dry and strip the hair which is not ideal when you’ve just had it coloured.”

Once you’ve found your perfect natural hair dye, don’t forget to keep the colour bright by doing regular at-home treatments and using colour-safe styling products.

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