The easiest way to find your next hair colour

The easiest way to find your next hair colour

Ever wondered what you’d look like as a redhead? Perhaps you’ve been toying with the idea of dyeing your hair dark brown, adding a few fresh face-framing honey highlights, or even daring to go platinum blonde, but just can’t seem to actually go through with it?

Whether it’s uncertainty that has ever stopped you from trying a new hair colour, or you’re simply in need of inspiration, the new myshade app from Clairol Nice’n Easy will help you take the guesswork – and fear! – out of finding your next hair colour.

The first of its kind, myshade aims to eliminate the fear of at-home hair colouring by allowing its users to virtually try on over forty different hair colour shades to find the right one before purchasing. The app uses photo-realistic results to show what your potential new hair colour will look like when applied to your existing colour, ensuring you’ll achieve salon-worthy results at home.

And the best part? It’s so easy to use! Simply download the app for free here from iTunes or here from Google Play Store, upload a selfie and away you go! You can try on virtually any shade you please with Clairol Nice’n Easy’s gallery of extensive hair colours, peruse and trial the latest hair colour trends, as well as receive a consultation from one of Clairol Nice’n Easy’s experts on the best colour for you based on your needs. Additionally, you can scan the barcode of any non-Clairol Nice’n Easy hair colour and myshade will recommend a similar Clairol Nice n’ Easy shade for you. There’s no better way to discover your perfect colour, or just have a bit of fun!

Curious to see what the results are like? Read our reviews below, and then try out myshade for yourself.

Shade 1: Light Beige Blonde

“I love this! I’ve been blonde for a few years now and I just keep going lighter and lighter. I like how the warm tones contrast with my blue eyes. This is definitely a shade I’ll be trying in the future.”

Shade 2: Golden Auburn

“I’ve been a redhead before, but never like this. I actually really like this strawberry-red shade on me! It feels very fresh and makes my eyes stand out. This colour reminds me of the oh-so-trendy ‘blorange’ shade that’s very big right now. I’d definitely give this a go.”

Shade 3: Dark Burgundy

“Surprise, surprise, I’ve been this shade before too. I actually really liked this at the time and I used to get so many compliments! As I’ve gotten older, my tastes have changed and it’s not really my style anymore.”

Shade 1: Light Reddish Brown

“So this is what I’d look like as a redhead! I don’t know if I’d ever take the plunge for real – I’m quite the chicken when it comes to colouring my hair. I can imagine this would be nice in summer with a bit of a tan, but it’s not really for me.”

Shade 2: Light Neutral Summer Blonde

“Wow, I look so different! I’ve actually been thinking about going lighter with my colour, however I’m not game enough to go this drastic straight away. I’d start with something a bit more natural, and gradually go lighter over time. I’m a bit concerned about regrowth – I fear there could be a lot of maintenance involved with this shade.”

Shade 3: Dark Champagne Blonde

“This is similar to my colour now, maybe just a shade or two lighter, and I really like it! The golden tones are perfect for my warm skin tone. Consider my next colour, sorted!”

Shade 1: Medium Cool Brown

“I love this brown! It reminds me of my natural hair colour, so I know it would work with my complexion. I’m definitely a fan!”  

Shade 2: Mahogany Brown

“Hmm, I’m on the fence about this one. I do like the red tones – I think they make my eyes pop, however I’m not sure I’d be confident with this colour. It would take some getting used to!”

Shade 3: Light Chestnut

“Wow, I look so different! While I’d probably never wear this shade, it’s really fascinating to see myself with hair colours I’ve never considered before. It’s definitely different and out there for me.”

Shade 1: Medium Brown

“The first thing I noticed was how much this shade really makes my eyes pop. In fact, I’m tempted to use this shade to highlight my current colour. I think it’d give a natural sun-kissed look to my raven hair.”

Shade 2: Reddish Brown

“I love how the reddish chestnut brown adds dimension to my hair and compliments my yellow skin tone. For me, this is a stand out!”

Shade 3: Light Cool Summer Blonde

“I’ve never thought of dying my hair blonde before, and after trialling this app, I think I’ll steer clear of any blonde colour dyes. I feel like it just washes out my features and it would be too hard to maintain, anyway.”

Now that you’ve seen how the myshade app works, click here and follow the steps for your chance to win a year’s supply of Clairol Nice’n Easy Hair colour. 

Have you ever wanted to try on different hair colours without committing?

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