Hair heroes

Hair heroes

Do your locks tend to go a little loopy when they’re taken out of their normal climate? The slightest change in surroundings and you could be mistaken for the Wild Woman of Borneo. Invite some lustre back into your life with our pick of hair heroes…
Here are the mop must-haves that we highly recommend…

1. Dove Therapy Daily Moisture Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner minis

Apart from being oh-so cute, these 50mL hair goodies are perfect for travel or an overnight stay. Taking up next to no space, they are a perfect alternative to filling up travel bottles – we all know how messy that can get! Soft, beautifully clean hair is a given, so do yourself a favour and get your hands on these travel-friendly goodies as soon as you book your ticket.

2.C}4u Revamp Masque Treatment
Unbelievably luscious, this thirst-quenching masque is like a huge drink of exceptionally hydrating water for your hair. Undo the sun’s drying damage and restore your hair’s healthy radiance with this deeply nourishing hair treat.

3.Fudge Skyscraper Hairspray
Deliciously scented with apple and coconut, this hair sculptor works to keep your locks in place and smelling scrumptious. Hairspray – the integral ingredient when attempting that fabulous up-do, you can rest assured that with a hold factor of 6, your ‘do won’t waver.

4.Batiste Original Dry Shampoo
The answer to your oily scalp prayers, this little beauty will take you from beach to bar without having to shampoo and style from scatch (cue: extra time chilling out by the water drinking mocktails). The instant oil-absorber will also give a breath of fragrance to your mop, eliminating any sandy beach stench.

5.Wella Professional Biotouch Sun Vitamin Shake
They say that prevention is often the best cure, and this two-phase leave-in treatment is more than qualified for the job. With its double protection technology, it works to form a protective barrier against the sun, while the second element provides deep moisture and protects hair from drying out. Hurrah!

6.KMS California Hairplay Sea Salt Spray
Look like a proper beach bum on holiday! A generous spritz of this tress texturiser will give body and movement to limp locks. Look forward to luscious waves, not only at the beach – but on your head too.

7.ghd rescue drops
A little bottle of gold for your tresses, these drops really do come to the rescue when your hair’s in turmoil. Designed to be used once a week, the blend of silky conditioners help to bring life to damaged hair while penetrating the hair to hydrate, gloss and help reduce static.

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