Desert island must-have beauty products

Desert island must-have beauty products

If the thought of being on a desert island sounds a little frightening, imagine being stranded without your beauty bag. That’s the stuff of nightmares. We recently posed the question to all the beauties at bh HQ and not surprisingly, panic quickly ensued.

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From the admittedly frivolous to the highly practical, we fess up to the must-have beauty products we’d buy over and over again – desert island or not.

“I like switching up all my beauty products, except one. My deodorant has always been and always will be Dove Original Roll On – and considering how stinky I could get stranded on a desert island I think it would definitely be my product of choice.” – bh’s Sam

“If I could only have one beauty product in my survival kit – hands down, I would choose lip balm. It’s my Holy Grail hybrid product for all-over beauty. I use it to hydrate and protect my lips, heal minor burns, and also as a highlighter and to keep my brows in place. Repeat after me: Water, check. Matches, check. Lip balm, check.” – bh’s Ally

bh loves: The Body Shop Aloe Lip Treatment, Maybelline New York Baby Lips Loves Colour Lip Balm, Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

“Mine would be the Dr. LeWinn’s Multi-Moisture Multi-Use Balm. It has so many uses and smells amazing! It helps with dry skin, removes make-up, soothes dry hands and cuticles and works as a lip gloss!” bh’s Alicia

“Out of necessity, I’d have to choose ViraproX. The second my lips catch a bit of sunlight, a cold sore is well on the way so to be stranded on an island without this product would be quite the disaster for me.” – bh’s Astrid

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“I’m going to assume that sunscreen is a given for this challenge and pack La Roche Posay’s Anthelios XL SPF50. My non-SPF essential is Lanolips’ Golden Dry Skin Salve, which I use for everything from chapped lips to raggedy cuticles. I’ve even applied a thin layer to my entire face when it’s feeling particularly dry and irritated.”  bh’s Michelle

“Hands down Anastasia Brow Wiz – when the brows are done I feel like I can take on anything, like trying to get off the desert island!” – bh’s Aja

bh loves: MOMMA 3-in-1 Mineral Dust Powder, Innoxa 2 in 1 Brow Shape & Highlight Stick, Bobbi Brown Brow Kit

“I’ve been a true devotee of Lucas’ Papaw since high school. I use it on my lips, on burns, on scrapes and grazes, as well as a highlighter and brow gel for when I’ve run out.” – bh’s Sarah

“I can’t live without shampoo, especially as I’m one of those people who constantly touches/dirties their hair! At the moment it’d be TRESemme Colour Revitalise Shampoo – it protects my hair colour and also moisturises my mane… no conditioner needed!” – bh’s Beth

“I’m sure I’m not the only one to say this but coconut oil. I could use it as a moisturiser, hair treatment, make-up remover, tanning oil (for those long days in the island sun) and even use it to cook with!” – bh’s Caitlin

What’s your desert island beauty product?

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