The ‘Modern Beehive’ Is Set To Be The Biggest Hair Trend This Summer Thanks To Humidity

modern beehive

Hands up if your is hair on the fritz thanks to the climbing humidity courtesy of La Niña? Same. And while we can do our best with humidity-proof hair products, it may be easier to relent and work with our hair rather than against it. That’s where the modern beehive comes in.

If the word ‘beehive’ has you thinking of a ’60s Brigitte Bardot or Lana Del Ray circa 2012-2015, you’re on the right track.

The style has been around for years, fleeting in and out, and has slowly been returning to our red carpets in 2021.

Aimee Lou Wood and hairstylist Patrick Wilson were one of the first to encourage its resurgence, with a classic take for the BAFTAs back in June.

And the modern beehive has only become more textured, messy, and cleverly back-combed since; a true blessing for humidity-stricken hair.

The style is open to interpretation, with both big and bold as well as more subtle takes on the trend emerging. Take Ciara for example, who appeared at the 2021 CFDA Fashion Awards with her bronze mane piled high and haphazard. And then there was Lizzo, who defied gravity with a bountiful beehive for attending the Harry Styles tour.

It truly is the perfect hair trend for what’s set to be a sweltering and wet summer in Australia. Hair is kept off the neck, purposely messy, but styled in the front if desired (which is much easier to touch up on a night out than a whole head of hair).

Top tips for nailing the modern beehive

1. Amp up the volume

Volume is your friend not foe with this style. Take advantage of your hair’s ‘boofiness’ and blow-dry it upside down to encourage height. If you need help in the density department, try Women’s REGAINE® Foam Hair Loss Treatment ($46.99 at Chemist Warehouse).

2. Long hair pile high, short hair backcomb

The technique for a modern beehive will vary depending on hair length. If you’ve got length to work with, use a texture spray on your ends and pull into a high ponytail. Then, pin and secure random sections in all directions like Ciara.

bh recommends: De Lorenzo Elements Sandstorm Dry Texture Spray ($20.40 at and Lady Jayne Contoured Bobby Pins ($5 at Chemist Warehouse)

If your hair is short, the volume will need to come from the crown of your head. This is where backcombing can help. Any remaining hair can then be tied in a bun at the nape of the neck and left be or tucked under.

bh recommends: ghd narrow dressing brush ($24.50 at Oz Hair & Beauty)

3. Tame the front

Although a lot chicer than a mullet, the principle for the beehive is the same: business in the front, party in the back. Once your beehive is set, and your lengths are secure, you can tidy and smooth the front for contrast. If you have a curtain fringe, leave it bouncy and loose. If front layers are long, comb it sleek and work it into your style.

4. Keep colour fresh

Like with any updo, roots can be more obvious when hair is pulled up and back. So if you’re keen to rock this style all summer long and you’re not a fan of regrowth, keep your colour fresh with an at-home dye. bh recommends: Color & Soin Permanent Hair Dye with Vegetal Extracts ($19.95 at

Would you try the modern beehive?

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  1. I would if my hair texture was different (got fine hair but lots of it). All my volume is in my ends & my hair is a mess when backcombed…all I can think of is how knotty my hair will be at the end of the day!

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