The men’s guide to colouring grey hair


Ladies aren’t the only ones who worry about grey hair; men can be self-conscious about it too. Some guys are perfectly comfortable rocking a snowy hue, but there are others who would prefer to keep those grey hairs covered. Just like with women, it’s all about personal choice but a lot of men don’t feel comfortable going to the salon to get their greys taken care of – or just don’t feel like shelling out the bucks to get it done. So how do guys get rid of greys without getting it done professionally? Like us, they do it at home.

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The problem is that a lot of dudes, especially those experiencing their first smattering of grey hair, don’t know their way around a packet dye. This can result in a number of mistakes being made – the hair being dyed too dark, or too light, or it can come out patchy or just plain wrong. It’s daunting! So to make the process easier for the guys, we’ve put together some tips and tricks for dealing with mens grey hair and at-home hair colour for men. Ready fellas?

Dude, don’t feel embarrassed

Hair colour isn’t a female thing – it’s a hair thing. Loads of guys do it for a myriad of reasons. Some just like to experiment with their colour – Zayn Malik has been every shade under the sun, while Kanye West is constantly falling in and out of love with bleach. Others hit the dye bottle to cover their greys because they prefer a more youthful vibe. Either way is totally fine and can actually be really fun.

So embrace it! And don’t feel that you have to spend a lot of money to get your hair colour how you want it. “With so many really easy options for natural looking colours it is easy and fast to do at home,” says Schwarzkopf National Technical Educator Grant Withnell. “Our men’s colour range Men Perfect has an easy application bottle and processes in just five minutes.” So your greys could be gone in less time than it takes to watch an old Seinfeld rerun (and can even be done in front of one!).

Choose the right shade and type

The right hair colour for men will depend on the look you’re after. If you want something natural, it’s best that you don’t stray too far from your natural-born hue. “Your natural hair colour will determine the end result so identifying this is important and easy,” advises Grant. “Identify your natural colour and then see if the colour you have chosen is recommended for your hair colour according to the guide on the box – always use the guides on the box!”

If you’re wanting a drastic change, say from chestnut brown to platinum blonde, you might want to consult a salon to get the best results. But if you’re just covering greys and want to look like a refreshed version of yourself, choose a shade that’s in close proximity to your own. “I recommend using only one shade lighter for a natural finish,” says Grant. “Don’t go too dark it will look obvious.” So if subtlety is your endgame, keep the colour choice chill. And if you’re still unsure, call the nice people at Schwarzkopf’s consumer advice line (1800 022 219) to be 100 percent certain.

When it comes to the best type of hair dye for men, Grant reckons you’re best off with a semi-permanent if you’re just wanting to ditch the newly-sprouted greys. “Try to use a long lasting semi-permanent dye rather than a permanent as this will blend those first greys, as opposed to completely covering them.”

See ya later, greys!

The time has come and it’s best to go in prepared to avoid any hair dye disasters. “Read the instructions on the pack and get organised,” says Grant. “Use an old towel in case you spill any colour. Always wear the gloves and wipe off any colour on your face and neck to avoid stains on the skin.” One last pre-dye tip? Don’t use hair dye on your facial hair, as that isn’t what it’s developed for! Use a designated product instead, such as Just For Men Moustache & Beard.

If you’re grey all-over, brush the colour with the dye brush provided or a comb over the entire head. This will help to blend the colour through better with your natural hue while also covering greys. Pay particular attention to the sides of your head and your temples, as these are the most noticeable areas for greys around the face. Only spot-grey? Your job can be even easier. “If you only have greys in one area, there is no reason why you can’t just put the colour there and blend it into the rest of your hair,” suggests Grant. Once you’ve left the dye on for the time specified by the packet, rinse it out and you’re done.

Depending on the dye you’ve chosen, you’ll be able to tell when it’s time for a touch-up. A permanent hair colour will grow out, so when you start to see regrowth you can dye again. But if you go for a temporary colour, things change.“If you use a long-lasting semi-permanent, you won’t get a regrowth as such; instead the colour will naturally fade out,” says Grant. “Re-colour usually every five to six weeks or whenever you think those greys are becoming too obvious.”

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