A study reveals which hair colour men prefer

A study reveals which hair colour men prefer

It’s officially happened. Gentlemen no longer prefer blondes. In fact, they much prefer brunettes, according to a study conducted by P&G and Head and Shoulders this year.

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A survey of 1,000 Australians found that men rated brunettes as not only the sexiest, but also the preferred choice to take home to meet their parents. (A whopping 39 per cent, to be precise.)

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So off the back of this survey, we decided to examine the things men prefer for women beauty-wise (and the things they don’t). And while all this is interesting to read, don’t forget that the best look for a woman really is the look that she loves! After all – your opinion is the one that really matters, beauty!


Blondes vs. Brunettes

We know that there has always been a bit of a rivalry between blondes and brunettes, especially when it comes to which hair hue is more appealing to men. In the 70s, Marilyn Monroe and her iconic beauty look secured lighter-haired ladies as the sexier breed – but it seems that while they’re said to have more fun, it’s the brunettes that are really catching the attention of the opposite sex. Don’t think hair colour matters? The same survey also revealed that 91 per cent of people surveyed believe hair is a key element to a person’s sex appeal. I know I’ve snuck a box of Schwarzkopf Men Perfect into my partner’s shopping cart before. Hint hint!

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Top knots vs. wavy strands

Top knots have fast become a time-poor girl’s best friend when it comes to rushing out the door in the mornings and sorting out her bed-hair at the same time. They’re simple, they’re a little more sophisticated than a ponytail and they happen to be bang on trend. But what do boys think of the sky-high styles? A recent survey by dailymakeover.com found that men preferred to run their fingers through a woman’s hair – and that top knots seemed a little too tight and severe-looking. Haven’t quite got that smooth-as-silk feeling to your hair? Try a nourishing treatment! beautyheaven loves the muk Haircare Intense muk Repair Treatment for soft, shiny strands.

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Red lips vs nude lips

The reason so many women resort to a red lip for a special occasion is because it makes us feel so sophisticated. It’s like an instant chic-injection that helps us to feel made-up and totally glamorous. Guys however, aren’t so convinced. Many men hate the way red lipstick transfers to their faces after a passionate kiss, no matter how chic it may start out. Many guys prefer a slightly glossy pink or nude lip with more focus on eye makeup. While it’s not hard to see why men don’t want to look like they’ve come down with a bad case of pash rash (or taste a mouthful of your lipstick, for that matter) – I’m just not sure that it’s enough to get me to put down my Guerlain, personally.

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Natural make-up vs. the ‘made-up’ look

One of the trickiest makeup related debates between the sexes relates to makeup and especially, foundation. Most women only wear makeup because they want to cover skin concerns. Most men prefer the more natural look, that’s less ‘caked-on’. In fact, a whopping 73 per cent of men surveyed by femalefirst.co.uk agree they find women who wear less makeup more attractive than those who wear more. So what’s the problem? A sheer wash of foundation isn’t going to cut the mustard when it comes to covering problem skin. So what’s the trick? For a flawless makeup look that will satisfy both the guys and the girls, use a sheer foundation such as Estée Lauder DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Sheer Tint over your complexion and deal with imperfections and skin concerns by applying a trusty concealer like Dermalogica MediBac™ Concealing Spot Treatment that will treat as it conceals.

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Fruity vs. floral scents

Do you think that your perfume only pleases you – and that boys don’t really have an opinion, as long as you smell sweet? Think again. In a survey conducted by beautyheaven, we asked the bh boys what they prefer when it comes to a woman’s perfume. 100 per cent of men surveyed preferred soft, subtle scents on women, with 70 per cent preferring soft floral scents to those that were ‘sickly sweet’, musky or a heavy floral.

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What does your man prefer on you the most? What does he dislike? 

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