Meghan Markle’s mermaid curls are honestly a sight to behold

Meghan Markle’s mermaid curls are honestly a sight to behold

Frankly, any hairstyle Meghan Markle wears immediately gets pinned to our Pinterest board. Between her signature messy bun and perfect bouncy blow-dry, the woman can do no wrong.

But lately (specifically, since stepping down from her official royal duties) she’s been… a little more experimental with her grooming habits. And these super long bohemian beach waves are no exception.

Source: YouTube / The 19th

We first noticed her new ‘do on YouTube earlier this week when she interviewed Emily Ramshaw about her experiences co-founding of The 19th – a news platform aimed at balancing the underrepresentation of women in politics and policy. (You can read more about their game-changing work here, btw.)

And while it’s hard say *exactly* what’s she’s used in terms of styling, it’s likely a combo of large rollers or wide-barrelled heat tools.

Wanna try it out for yourself? Pin each curl while it cools and set with hair spray before brushing out into smooth, glossy, Hollywood-worthy waves. We’re digging it, Megs!

For the record, she’s not the only one who’s been growing out her locks lately. Just check out Kylie Kardashian’s waist-length, beachy brunette crimp. Throw back to the early 00’s anyone? 

What do you think of Meghan’s latest hairstyle? 

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  1. Love waves. Meghans hair looks amazing!! My hair is shoulder length atm and cannot wait for a few inches to try this sort of style. If you put your hair in a messy bun you can get kinks in it to achieve a wavy look.

  2. Went to the Kylie Kardashian (aka Kylie Jenner) link. Holy cr@p. who can notice the hair over the b00bs.

    Not that interested in copying Meghan Markle or Kylie Jenner and couldnt as I’ve just gone the chop. again.

  3. I saw this interview last week and was impressed by both Meghan and Emily! I was more interested in their cause then her look and fully support better representation of women in politics and policy! I like her hair, too! I usually rock long wavy hair naturally so it’s nothing special to me! I have thought that she definitely has keratin treatments to deal with her natural frizz which you can see in photos of her as a child. I started keratin treatments three years ago and they are wonderful at managing my long curly mane!

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  5. whilst in some ways I feel for meghan, i really wish they would go and live their lives. I find them a bit hypercritical how much they wanted to leave royal life due to the media and then have gone for media careers. eye roll. feel sorry for Harry

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