The surprising hair accessory Margot Robbie’s obsessed with

The surprising hair accessory Margot Robbie’s obsessed with

Margot Robbie is currently obsessed with a hair accessory you probably rocked in the 80s or 90s: the trusty, old scrunchie. And after Pinterest recently predicted the return of perm-like curls in 2018, we wouldn’t be surprised if the retro hair accessory made a complete comeback.

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Margot is starring in the new movie I, Tonya, a film following the life of American figure skater Tonya Harding and in particular, her infamous attack on fellow Olympic competitor Nancy Kerrigan. In a recent interview, when talk turned to the 1990s setting of the film, Margot revealed that she swiped some scrunchies from set.

“Everyone keeps asking me like ’Did you take anything with you from set?’ and I was like ‘Scrunchies. I took so many scrunchies with me,’” the actress said. “I love scrunchies. I wear them all the time now.”

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Margot Robbie isn’t the only one obsessed with the scrunchie – here at beautyheaven, we are too. The colours and textures of scrunchies can really complement a hairstyle! Don’t believe us? Check out all the inspo-worthy ways you can rock a scrunchie below.

The tight, low ponytail

The loose, low ponytail

The half up, half down

The low bun

The high pony

The top knot

If you’re keen to throw your locks up into a scrunchie, beautyheaven loves the Lady Jayne Scrunchies and Ponytailers and Scunci 8pc Mini Denim Scrunchies. Do you love scrunchies like Margot Robbie? Or are you obsessed with any other trends from different decades?

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