Getting prepared to share

Getting prepared to share

I’ve always been under the illusion that men have it easy when it comes to grooming. 

I’d assumed that while we’re busy cleansing, toning, moisturising, and waxing, they can get by with a quick shave and a tweak of the hair before they dash out the door. But the truth of it is that male grooming has somewhat evolved.

Instead of keeping up appearances, a lot of guys are now trying to enhance their looks, whether it be by using a daily cleanser and moisturiser or even applying the odd spot of concealer on a zit (I find this particularly amusing considering most guys swipe their girlfriend’s foundation and it ends up being the wrong colour).

Even hair colour seems to be getting a revamp, with more men throwing in a few highlights here and there when they go to the hairdresser. It seems that most guys have some sort of concern about how they look and that hair is the big one. I’ve been a little curious about this phenomenon, so when the opportunity to meet actor Daniel MacPherson over cocktails came up, I couldn’t resist getting the male side of the story.

Daniel is the face of L’Oreal Professionnel Homme, a new line of exclusively-for-men grey-blending, haircare and styling products that’s coming to Australia in June (we’ll give you the heads up when it hits shelves). He explained he thinks about his appearance because he is continually in the spotlight, but that most blokes have their own reasons for wanting to look their best. It’s no longer the taboo topic it used to be between men.

So what’s the one big concern he shares with other guys? “I’m worried about losing my hair when I get older because my dad basically has,” Daniel confessed.

I guess I’m going to have to be more sensitive about male grooming concerns – even if it does mean sharing the bathroom mirror.
Is your guy crowding your bathroom cupboard space?

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