Making serious waves

Making serious waves

My mane and I have always had a kind of love/hate relationship, until we found some common ground. You see, a sudden onset of tress distress (that is, briskly turning the texture of a bristly broom), promptly told me that my mane was not okay with being yanked and straightened day after day. But there was no way I was about to go ‘au naturale’. No way, no how.

I had to take action fast, as even my most dependable deep-replenishing masks weren’t shifting the state of my strands. It was then I knew I had to make some serious waves.

I brushed up on my knowledge of a couple of top hair tricks, via the beautyheaven member beauty bible and a tip from bh member, bide, instantly caught my eye. Bide says, “If you suddenly have frizzy hair (and in humid Australia this happens so often in summer), put a drop of water and a drop of styling gel or balm into your hands and work through your hair. Pull your hair into a twist or a tight bun for about 15 minutes. Instant awesome hair!”

So with my brittle mop in mind, I took to the task of trialling this trick, and I tell you what – it came up trumps. My locks looked like a stylist-constructed creation, complete with deep, interesting waves and best of all – hey presto – zero frizz. Thanks for the top tip bide!

What’s your top tress trick?

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