Ups and downs

Ups and downs

Hello again. The countdown is on to my first day in the editor’s chair at beautyheaven on 23 June and, as promised, I’ve been checking in daily to read your comments and get to know you better.

Already I’ve realised we have lots in common. Firstly, we wish every day was a great hair day. Even though we know it’s asking a bit much. Sigh.

That’s why I was fascinated to see your comments following Claire’s recent Editor’s Update about rainy winter hair days. I was intrigued to see many of you long-hair lovers just don’t feel your usual gorgeous, glossy selves when your hair isn’t heat-styled to perfection and cascading around your shoulders.

Because whether it’s humidity or family and work demands, the reality is bad hair days happen. Claire has developed a clever way to cope by slicking hers back and I suggest we all follow suit to find a way to prevent long hair misdemeanours.

Mine is a low side pony with a few strands loose around the face and a curly tail over my right shoulder. Best of all, it requires nothing more than a quick brushing and an elastic band whether I’ve just roughly dried it or reached for the brilliant Klorane Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo.

But if you are yet to find your failsafe low-maintenance style, there is help at hand. It begins with a great cut. Be honest with your stylist about the effort you’re happy to expend daily. And remember, ultra-long hair usually ends up in a ponytail because it’s too heavy to deal with outside a salon. A fringe or well-maintained layers can open up a whole new world of options. As can custom styling tips and a DIY-demo from your hairdresser (just ask).

And if you’re still unsure, check out the multitude of hair accessories on sale at Sportsgirl, Diva and Mimco for starters. A fab headscarf or tortoiseshell comb could be all it takes to avert disaster.   

What’s your long hair styling saviour?  

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