Lily Collins Just Got Married And Her Bridal Look Is Incredibly Unique

Lily Collins Just Got Married And Her Bridal Look Is Incredibly Unique

Lily Collins has always been one of our favourite beauty muses. She’s never afraid to pull off daring looks on the red carpet and those brows of hers are absolute goals.

So why would her wedding be any different?

The 32-year-old actress tied the knot with writer and director Charlie McDowell on September 4th 2021, and has shared some amazing photos from the day on her Instagram.

The bride wore a stunning long-sleeved Ralph Lauren dress and had her hair styled in a sleek, centre-parted bun, leaving the lace high-neck on full display.

But it was the detail in a second close-up photo that really left us gawking.  

While some brides may opt for a pearl headband or patterned slide to amp up their style post-ceremony, Lily’s look included a matching lace cape with a hood that draped over her elegant hairstyle and fresh makeup.

Talk about making a statement!

Whether it’s to your taste or not, you’ve got to admit, it’s very unique indeed. 

Main image credit: Getty

What do you think of Lily’s bridal look? Did you include a unique detail  at your wedding?

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  1. Lily Collins does look beautiful such a classic bridal gown by Ralph Lauren don’t really like the cape a nice veil with lace edging with a diamond tiara would have looked absolutely gorgeous.

  2. I saw this photo earlier and didn’t like it but I’ve since now realised that what I thought was a short mantilla is a gorgeous hooded cape. Yes bring back the romanticism of a hooded cape. Loving it.

    PS who is Lily Collins? any relation to Phil Collins? lol

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