Lighten up

Lighten up

Q) I have dyed black hair. How to I get to a light brown or copper shade?

– Simone, VIC

A) I’d recommend speaking to a colourist who will refer to a proper shade chart. Colour is a nightmare zone because when you say light brown you could be talking about 17,000 million shades of light brown and further more, your skin tone (whether you have a lot of yellow in your complexion or you have a pale tone) will affect the colour of your hair.

Stripping out colour is quite extreme and not recommended: it’s a long process, almost like a colour change. Your hair will go into somersaults of different emotions so it’s best to take it slow at first. Have a few warm lowlights. Or, if you want to go to a little bit lighter, opt for a few highlights because that will add warmth to dark pigmentation.

Alternatively, and this is another extreme, ask your hairdresser to backcomb the hair, tease it lightly, take a strand from it, and dye it. By performing a stand test first you can see how far the hair’s going to lift. We do this for models that have big shows; it’s more immediate.

– Errol Douglas, hairdresser

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