Overnight treatments for curly hair

Overnight treatments for curly hair

Curly hair is just as gorgeous as straight or wavy hair, but the truth is, it’s a little harder to take care of-and one of the main reasons for this is because it’s lacking more in moisture than straight hair.

During the colder months, curls can feel a little more dry and unruly, so any extra hydration and moisture to tame your curls is a must. Using an overnight treatment will ensure your hair is not only prepped and ready to tackle the day ahead, but also feels a lot healthier and more manageable.

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For bouncier and softer curls in the AM, try one of these treatments for curly hair.


Homemade at-home hair and skin treatments are favoured by many. Full of antioxidants and vitamins from the raw, natural ingredients used to create them, homemade treatments also have historic roots in having worked wonders on all types of hair from the dawn of time (from Ancient Egypt to Greece). Before scientists and beauty professionals took to the labs and started creating masks and various other products and potions, these DIY formulations were the beauty treatment OGs, acting as superfoods for your hair as well as your body.

Try these:

Blend: one avocado, one egg, two tablespoons of honey and some olive oil. This rich blend is filled with amino acids, vitamins as well biotin and protein from the egg, which is great for hair strengthening (a winter-hair lifesaver when curls can feel a little dry and lifeless).

Blend: one banana, four tablespoons of yoghurt, and one tablespoon of honey. We know that bananas are a great pre- and post-gym snack filled with potassium, but did you know that the natural oils contained in the fruit are also great for your hair? A great way to combat the drying effects of winter on your curls!Blend: aloe gel extract and olive oil. A great way to fight the cold temperature frizz and dryness your curls can experience.*Once you’ve chosen and blended your preferred mask, simply apply to dry hair, cover with a shower cap and a towel and let penetrate overnight. Rinse out thoroughly the next day.MasksA leave-in hair mask will replenish your curls as well as make them feel much softer, thanks to all the moisture-boosting properties inside them. Like a big glass of water to quench your curls’ thirst, using a nourishing hair mask overnight will turbocharge the hydration levels in your hair. This will leave your hair feeling and looking revitalised by the morning. Look for masks that include hair-loving oils such as argan oil, as this will not only control the frizz but additionally give you that shine that can sometimes fade during winter.bh also loves: *not leave in  Aveda Be Curly Intensive Detangling MasqueLeave-in conditionersOne of the biggest challenges is making sure curly hair behaves in the morning when you’re ready to start styling and setting it. Applying a leave-in conditioning  treatment specifically targeted for curly hair before you go to bed will not only will ensure happier, enriched curls, but will make them less tangled and unruly in the morning, making it easier to style. Even better is to wash your hair in the evening and apply your leave-in conditioner in the shower after shampooing. The heat and steam from the shower will help the leave-in conditioner penetrate your hair, giving your curls and those split the extra love they need. Quick tip: use a wide-toothed comb when applying to make sure the leave-in conditioner is evenly and generously distributed.bh also loves: KMS TAMEFRIZZ Curl Leave-In ConditionerDo you like sound of any of these leave-in treatments? Would you be more inclined to try a homemade hair treatment? Main image: Lais Ribeiro Instagram

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