Lady Jayne Salon Pro Rechargeable Straightening Brush Trial Team

Lady Jayne Salon Pro Rechargeable Straightening Brush Trial Team


50 busy women seeking a convenient and effective solution for keeping their hair looking fresh and polished while they’re on-the-go.

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Lady Jayne Salon Pro Rechargeable Heated Straightening Brush



found the Salon Pro Rechargeable Straightening Brush easy to use


found the Salon Pro Rechargeable Straightening Brush was convenient to use and fit into their day-to-day routine


found the Salon Pro Rechargeable Straightening Brush straightened and smoothed their hair


think the Salon Pro Rechargeable Straightening Brush is good value for money

beautyheaven says:

The Lady Jayne Salon Pro Rechargeable Heated Straightening Brush is a compact, portable, and rechargeable heat tool for on-the-go styling touch-ups. The brush heats up in 90 seconds and features 3D ceramic-ionic coated fins that will smooth flyaways, reduce frizz and keep your hair looking shiny, fresh and refined.

Trial Team members dubbed Lady Jayne’s Salon Pro Rechargeable Straightening Brush as the “perfect touch-up accessory”. For many, it rekindled their interest in styling their hair, especially after finding traditional curlers and straighteners to be difficult to use, ineffective and too time-consuming.

The rechargeable battery and compact, portable design immediately appealed to members with a hectic schedule and for those going between events and commitments without the time to duck home to freshen up. It was a feature that members found made far more sense to their lifestyle, as opposed to their other heat tools which required a permanent spot plugged in beside their bathroom vanity.

Although it is marketed as a straightening brush, members who participated in the trial found that the tool’s temperature was actually more effective for taming flyaways and eliminating frizz, particularly for hair that had previously been straightened, curled or styled. It was a result they’d always been seeking in a heat tool, however, had never been able to find, until now.

Members of the trial all agreed that this tool met many of their day-to-day requirements, in particular, convenience. Busy mums, frequent travellers, and those whose hair could not be trusted to last the day, all revealed that they had become dependent on this tool and will keep it close at hand well after the conclusion of the trial.

*Stats are based on a survey of 50 beautyheaven Trial Team members.

The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Lady Jayne for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

You say:

“As someone with frizzy hair this product was great for a quick fix and to keep those flyaways at bay! The controls were easy to use and the rechargeable feature is great for travel. However, wouldn’t use this product for a full straightened look, the brush is a bit too small and the product does not get hot enough to completely straighten hair. That being said, definitely going to keep this brush close when out and about!” – Kate Giddy

“For pre teams meeting touch ups, to an easy freshen up before after work drinks I really found this brush does the job. It’s the perfect temperature to tame the unwanted frizz and flyaways while still protecting your hair allowing it to be an everyday essential. It’s the perfect pocket size brush to either slip into your bag or tuck away in your desk draw. I’d recommend the brush to anyone looking for an on the go touch up over a full styling tool.” – Nicolaelizabeth

“I’m seriously impressed with this Lady Jayne Salon Pro Rechargeable Heated Straightening Brush! I always want to style my hair more often, but I generally end up find it too much work for too little payoff as my hair doesn’t hold styles very well – whether it’s curls falling or straight hair turning frizzy, but this brush has reignited my interest in styling my hair daily! For me, it worked really well in touching up the hairstyles that I’d done before work so that I always looked polished and professional.” – icecreamsundae

“My favourite thing about this product is that it is compact and fits perfectly in my hand bag, it is rechargeable and portable and perfect for busy mums like me.its super convenient and I found I have been straightening my hair more often because of the ease of using this brush. I love this product and would recommend it to anyone who likes to be able to touch up their hair throughout the day or night.” – Peace.Love.Empathy

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