Meet the $20 Kmart hair straightener dupe that’s gone viral

Meet the $20 Kmart hair straightener dupe that’s gone viral

In a Facebook post that’s since gone viral, NSW mum Lilly Eggings shared a picture of her hair straightened to glossy perfection.

Why would such a photo go viral you ask? Well, turns out she managed the results with none other than the Anko LCD Hair Straightener, which retails at our beloved Kmart for $20.

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Sitting around $150 cheaper than its higher end competitors, Lily wrote, “if anyone is thinking of buying the $20 hair straightener from Kmart, DO IT. It’s amazing.” 

In a tip that quickly gathered hundreds of comments and likes, it became apparent Lily was not alone in her love for the product.

Other fans of the affordable straightener wrote supporting statements like, “I love it and I have really curly/frizzy hair,” while another claimed she’s had the product for 15 years and is still going strong.

However, as with most products, there were a few consumers who didn’t have the best experience, some of which found the product to be quite drying. Hairdressers chimed in to remind those considering purchase to factor in the loss of high quality materials, and therefore the probable long-term and damaging effects this may have on their hair.

The Kmart straighter is made up of a ‘ceramic-coated plate’, which some pointed out has the potential to wreak havoc on hair once the coating wears off,. However, as far as a short-term budget option goes, it seems this product is one not to miss.

Main image credit: @rebeccaharding

What hair straightener do you use? Would you try this one?

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  1. I think if you bought it, used it as directed and it damaged your hair you should be able to get a refund. If it has been around that long (15 years according to article) then it must be reasonable. It’s interesting that under this is a link to an article titled ‘Is the $700 dollar Dyson straightener really worth it?” !

  2. My first one was GHD for extra long and thicker hair. Still have it 12 years later and works as new. Also have new version just because platinum is smaller and lighter for travelling. Glass hair <3

  3. Its interesting so many people saying ‘its so cheap, it must damage your hair’ or similar, even when those who have used it for several years say it doesn’t (when used properly). The cornerstone of the marketing machine convincing us that paying more (up to stupid amounts of money) means a product is better when in reality, after a certain amount of money spent you are just paying for a fancier box or more likely the paycheck for influencers to spruik it on Insta and TikTok rather than any advances in technology or a better product. Face creams are another one when independant testing shows a $25 cream can outperform a $300 cream – but so many pay it for the prestige and show off factor. Personally I’d rather spend less on self spends and spend the difference making a difference with a charity or a gift for a friend to make them smile etc – especially if it means spending more money in our local economy in the current environment (which neither Kmart or Ghd are, either being a HUGE conglomerate or an international company). This is a super interesting study in people though 🙂

  4. After I dropped and broke my MUK straightener I brought the Kmart one. It heats up to 230 degrees and works better than my previous one on my long thick wavy hair. Very happy with it and highly recommend.

  5. Alright so I just got this and wanted to come here and say it IS that good! I used it VERY quickly and sloppily on a low temperature and my hair came out looking AWESOME instantly. Love this straightener!

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