Isolation S.O.S: How to keep your blonde bright and fresh sans salon

Isolation S.O.S: How to keep your blonde bright and fresh sans salon

Self-isolation has really put our DIY beauty skills to the test.

Week one, it was all fun and face masks. Week two, it was time to remove that gel manicure. Week three, we tackled brow tint.

And now, blondes, we’ve got your back.

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Even if you managed to hit the salon just before coronavirus struck, it’s likely the cracks (aka regrowth and brassiness) are beginning to show.

Whether you’re naturally-blessed or bottle-born, keeping your blonde bright and beautiful at home is possible. From in-shower hacks to optical illusions, here’s how…

#1 Up your dose of toning shampoo

Your hairdresser has probably harped on about toning shampoo before, and now, it’s definitely time to listen. Without a salon refresh, you’ll need something to stop those yellow tones creeping in. And what colour sits opposite yellow on the colour wheel? Purple.

Lathering and cleansing just like your regular shampoo, a purple shampoo tones your colour for a brighter, cooler blonde. And if you’re looking for one that packs a punch and will knock your brassy tones out in just one wash, look no further than the bh Glosscar winner: John Frieda Violet Crush Intense Purple Shampoo. The intense violet and blue pigments cancel out both yellow and orange tones for an instant transformation.

#2 Flip your part

Sounds too simple to be true, but trust us, it works. If you usually go for a straight down the middle style, try swapping to a side part with a voluminous hair flip. Height is key here.

That volume will help to hide darker roots instantly (especially if you add in a spritz of dry shampoo for good measure). Same goes for updo styles like top knots and ponytails; add height and texture to act as extra camouflage.

#3 Add serious shine

The same as we reflect light (hello highlighter) to enhance our cheekbones, a good dose of shine will do the same for your blonde.

Try a shine spray, or running a dry hair oil through your ends. Some also swear by finishing a shower with cold water, which seals the hair cuticle after washing, to up the shine factor.

#4 Turn your toner into a treatment

For those dealing with severe brassiness, or even a box dye gone wrong, toning shampoo can also be used as a treatment mask. Simply apply it to dry hair (yes dry!) and leave for 5-10 minutes before washing your hair as usual.

If you want equally intense results and ongoing maintenance, it’s all about committing to a regular routine. Try using the John Frieda Violet Crush Intense Purple Shampoo, in conjunction with the daily Violet Crush Purple Shampoo, and Violet Crush Purple Conditioner.

The intense formula has violet and blue pigments to tackle those stubborn yellow-orange tones, while the daily acts as gradual upkeep for your now brighter, cooler blonde.

#5 Try heat-free styles

Another colour killer? Heat. 

To keep dullness at bay, ditch your hairdryer and straightener in favour of heat-free styles. Try 

braiding your hair before bed for beach waves in the morning, or give the ‘sock curls’ hack from TikTok a go.

For air-drying (yes to texture!) a microfibre towel will speed up the process, so you won’t even miss your hairdryer (much). 

Main image credit: @cwoodhair

What are your top tips for maintaining blonde hair?

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  2. I’ve been using Fudge purple shampoo for years with good results. If I have time I shampoo my hair with it and then put on a shower cap while I shave my legs to give it more time to work. Purple shampoo can be a bit drying so I always use a hair masque afterwards.

  3. Using a a microfibre towel to speed up the drying process and help avoid tangles is a great hint. One I read a while back and have been using one with a good deal of success. Helps a lot

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