This Kate Middleton-Approved Shampoo Is Now Available At Chemist Warehouse

This Kate Middleton-Approved Shampoo Is Now Available At Chemist Warehouse

Dream with us for a moment: you’ve just passed Kate Middleton at the shops. Only, in this scenario, she’s not a member of the royal family but just a regular lady. What do you do? Immediately approach her and ask what products she’s using to achieve her thick and glossy hair, obviously. Sounds simple, right? Mmm, not quite.

Unfortunately for us, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever have a private moment to quiz the Duchess on her hair care routine. Which is why we’re always keeping our ear to the ground for every beauty-related whisper that comes out of Kensington Palace. And the one that’s held momentum for years? Kate’s long-rumoured favourite shampoo: the Kérastase Nutritive Bain Satin Shampoo ($29.99, Chemist Warehouse).

While the bottle doesn’t explicitly mention Duchess-quality hair, it does claim to nourish and hydrate individual strands using its Irisome Complex. And, with a travel-heavy schedule like Kate’s, it’s a wonder that her perfect blow dry never seems to step a strand out of line. Jumping between rainy London to the subtropics of Belize, creating hair like Kate’s is all about frizz-fighting ingredients.

Which is what makes QV’s Hair Nourishing Conditioner ($16.99, Chemist Warehouse) the perfect partner to Kate’s go-to shampoo. Not only does it come with a complementary orange lid, the PH balanced formula seeks to improve the hairs texture, leaving behind a soft and manageable mane.

Have you ever tried this shampoo? If not, which is your go-to?

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  1. I don’t necessarily think her hair looks great from the products alone. I think it looks the way it does because of the stylist who’s done her hair. Even though I have frizzy hair I could have great looking hair like that if I had a hair stylist doing my hair everyday too.

  2. I love the Kerastase products but they are out of my price range. Therefore I only purchase them every now and then. More then, than now.

    My go to Shampoos however are the L’Oreal range. Even when I try other brands, I tend to go back to L’Oreal.

  3. I buy a lot of my products from Chemist Warehouse as they have such great prices. I might need to have a look at this shampoo the next time I’m in store

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