Want Your Hair To Dry Straight? Try Julianne Moore’s “Clever Hack”

Want Your Hair To Dry Straight? Try Julianne Moore’s “Clever Hack”

There’s a common (and absurd) misconception that women who reach a certain age are better suited to short hairstyles. And though we’ve dismissed this notion many times, no one does it better than Julianne Moore. Just by existing, her thick and lustrous head of hair puts to bed any doubts people may have on whether your age should limit your hair length or style. 

So how does she keep her hair looking this good? Well, up until now the only intel we’ve had has been ‘good genetics’. Classic. However, as the face of the latest Hourglass “We Glow” campaign (alongside her youngest daughter, Liv Freundlich), Julianne has revealed some of her greatest beauty tips (and faux pas).

And there’s one hair-related recommendation that’s really caught our attention. The Still Alice actor has shared her clever two-step routine for ensuring that her hair dries straight after a wash.


Speaking to The Sunday Times the actress revealed that though her hair is naturally wavy and she’s “terrible at blow-drying [it]”, she’s had to get savvy if she wants to keep it from going frizzy.

“I have a clever hack to make my hair dry straight,” she said.  “I’ll wash my hair, put in hair oil and tie it back really tightly so the crown is tight.”

The result? “It will dry flat”. Some would say it sounds very straightforward (sorry, we had to).

Want to recreate Julianne Moore’s hack for straight hair?

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JUSTICE Professional Argan Oil 

It might sound silly and a little hard to believe, but this is a hair oil that won’t leave your hair, well, oily. What it will leave is nourished, shiny and thicker strands, scented with hazelnut and vanilla. Oh, and for those that don’t love getting product all over their hands, JUSTICE Professional has included a spray nozzle for direct bottle-to-hair application. It’s the little things.

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Aveda Nutriplenish™ Multi-Use Hair Oil

Suitable for all hair types and textures, the Aveda Nutriplenish™ Multi-Use Hair Oil is made from 100 per cent naturally-derived ingredients that inject immediate hydration, nourishment and shine.

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Guerlain Abeille Royale Scalp & Hair Youth Oil-In-Serum

If you haven’t used this cult-status oil before, you’ve likely heard of it. Built with black bee honey, this powerful hair oil and serum hybrid works to increase the scalp’s vitality and visibly increase the hair’s thickness. The result? Luscious, strong hair.

$214, David Jones

Davines Oi Oil 

There’s a reason this hair oil has earned itself cult status across Italy. Famed for delivering unrivaled shine, strength and softness, do your hair a favour and treat it to the Davines Oi Oil. 

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Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil 

If your hair is feeling particularly worse for wear after too much heat styling, colour or general wear and tear, Oribe’s Nourishing Hair Oil is the best remedy. Combining an effective blend of emollients, this hair oil works to repair and condition strands without weighing it down.

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Have you ever tried Julianne Moore’s hair hack? If not, do you have any tips of your own for ensuring your hair dries straight?

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