Backstage super secrets

Backstage super secrets

Backstage super secrets
It’s weird how you’ll tell your hairdresser things you haven’t even mentioned to your mum, isn’t it? Maybe it’s all those hours we spend with them over the years, or perhaps the fumes from all that hair dye just get us loose-lipped and giddy. Who knows?  But one thing’s for sure, given this hairdresser-as-confidant thing, Oh-Min must know some mighty juicy secrets.

Oh-Min’s the guy who styles the ubermodels who won’t get out of bed for less than ten grand and a pair of Blahniks. And he’s worked backstage at shows like Chanel, Gucci and Prada, where egos run riot and controlled chaos reigns. So when he was in Australia for TK Melbourne’s Styling Show recently, beautyheaven asked him to spill his best behind-the-scenes secrets…

What’s the most classified secret you’ve learned backstage? “Deep conditioning treatments are a must. Weather, air con and heating can strip your hair of its natural lustre, but a good deep treatment can bring it back to life. My favourite is cold pressed coconut oil. Apply it (choose natural only – try Pure Fiji) to dry hair and leave for five to ten minutes before washing out with shampoo. Then follow with conditioner for a super-bouncy finish.”

Good advice. But how about some sneaky goss? “Apply some shimmer dust to leave-in conditioner for a sparkling finish to your hair.”

Guess you thought we said gloss. So what have you seen backstage lately? “Slick, straight, centre-parted hair is hot this season, particularly in bright red hues.”

But what’s the one thing you’ve discovered being up close to models? “Don’t straighten your hair every day – only every second day. And always, always use a protective spray.”

Um, that’s great – and very useful. We especially love the genius shimmer dust trick. But haven’t you got at least a little dirt on Carmen, Kate and co.? Oh-Min, c’mon…

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