An international affair

An international affair

What’s the difference between a girl from New York, a girl from London and a girl from Sydney? Well it’s more than just their accents. According to some of the world’s top hairdressers at the 2007 Hair Expo last week, it’s all about the hair.

Ruth Roche from Rare salon in New York says that hair in the Big Apple is about texture and gets its inspiration from fashion, celebrities and that old favourite, Sex and the City. “In New York hair isn’t too done. New York girls run from a can of hairspray; in LA they can’t live without it.”

Jet half way across the world to London and you’ll find a bolder look. “London women want to look different,” says Colin Greaney, former London Hairdresser of the Year and UK Director of Mahogany hair salon. “They don’t want to look the same as everyone else. The London look is individual, strong and edgy.”

So where do the Aussie girls fit into the mix? “The difference between the way Australian women wear their hair compared to women in New York and London has a lot to do with our climate and lifestyle,” says 2005 and 2006 Hair Expo Australian Hairdresser of the Year, Brad Ngata. “ In Australia we live a very outdoorsy, coastal lifestyle and we are more relaxed with our hair. We love blonde hair, but we tend to have it cut every six weeks and conditioning becomes very important because of the beach. Aussie girls like to have sexy hair and hair that moves!”

Caterina DiBiase, 2007 Hair Expo Australian Hairdresser of the Year, says Australian girls are more adventurous. “Australian women love glamour when it comes to hair, they want what’s in and they want it now! If curls are in, they’ll give it a try. Sleek and chic – they want that too. In fact Australian clients are happy to try different ways of styling their hair each visit – it’s great.”

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