How to: wear your hair like a necklace

How to: wear your hair like a necklace

Agreed, it’s a little odd, but if you want to make a statement this is the hairstyle to go for. We chatted to Kirrily Johnston and ghd Hair Director, Renya Xydis, about the look, the products and the step-by-step …
Xydis said: “The inspiration for the look came from the ocean and scarves which featured in the collection. It’s very important to make the ponytail wet, shiny, healthy and slick, moving away from the more messy ponytails that have been in vogue of late.”

Xydis walks us through how to recreate the look at home:

1.    Wet the hair, adding lots of movement by creating a slight wave with the ghd IV styler

2.    Tie around hair from the left ear to right at the nape of the neck

3.    Tie up with a ponytail

4.    Saturate the hair with ghd obedience hair

5.    Wrap around the neck like a scarf and pin at the bottom to hold

6.    To finish, apply ample amounts of ghd creation spray and ghd reflection spray to give shine and stay-factor

Key products and top tools:

ghd IV styler

ghd obedience cream

ghd creation spray

ghd reflection spray

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