How to apply styling powder

How to apply styling powder

Styling powder, texturising powder, taft – whatever you call it – these magical hair powders are highly underrated on the beauty scene. But if you’re someone who lacks volume, texture and body, there’s nothing a lil’ zhushing can’t fix.  

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Having said that, if you’ve never used a styling powder before, don’t go diving in headfirst. Why? Because the wrong technique can result in a disastrously knotty mess. We’re the first to admit, it’s a tricky product to master, but get the technique down pat and you’ll see why this product should become a new beauty staple.  


Your hair is fine, straight or slippery and won’t hold style; you want volume, especially at the roots of your hair.

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Designed to give you amped-up texture and help hold your style from dawn ‘til dusk, just a small amount of styling powder yields a biiig payoff in the volume department. These powders contain the ingredient silica silylate, which is responsible for the volumising effect. And unlike silicones that leave a smooth, shiny finish on the hair, silica leaves the hair rough. With a matte look and gritty feel, silica bulks up the hair by increasing friction between the hair fibres. And as an added bonus, absorbs moisture, which means they’ll get rid of any excess oil that hinders the volume.


When working with styling powder, remember that you should already have your hair styled (i.e. dry and straight or curled) before applying it to your hair. Start by sectioning your hair around the crown of your head or where you desire lift, and sprinkle a small amount of powder from the bottle directly onto your roots. Repeat this process to multiple sections.

bh tip: Alternatively, you can sprinkle the powder onto your fingertips first before applying to your roots to ensure you don’t overuse it.

Next, use your fingertips to gently massage and scrunch the powder into your hair and scalp. You should feel a change in the texture of your hair, as it starts to take hold of the powder and gradually builds up volume in the root area.

And voila! Instant volume! Now go and enjoy that mountain of hair! Just remember to start small, because you can always build up more, but you’ll never recover from this:

Have you used styling powder before? How do you apply it?

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