3 easy ways to use the Philips AirStyler


You’ve seen how to create styles with it, now it’s time to show you how to use each of the Philips AirStyler’s attachments. Watch bh’s Rosie demonstrate three ways with the hair tool, using the nozzle attachment for gently drying, the round thermo brush for achieving volume and the Air Curl attachment to create soft waves and curls.

Not only does the Philips AirStyler tool help you create endless styles, each attachment is also designed with a protective keratin-ceramic coating, so there’s no need to worry about heat damage.

So, let’s get on with it, shall we?


Use the Philips AirStyler to dry your hair as you would a hairdryer. The narrow opening of the Philips AirStyler drying nozzle concentrates airflow to specific areas on your hair for a gentle drying experience.


You can also create soft loose curls with the Philips AirStyler Air Curl attachment. This works best on hair that is around 80 per cent dry.Take a small section of hair and place it in the opening, then switch the styler to the medium or high hot airflow setting. Press the rotation button to automatically draw your hair in, then let go of the button, but keep the styler in place for around 10 seconds.

The Philips AirStyler’s attachments all have a protective keratin-infused ceramic coating, so you don’t need to worry about damaging your hair – even if you’re holding the styler in place for a while. The Air Curl attachment also uses ionic technology to eliminate static, while also conditioning and smoothing your hair for shiny, glossy-looking curls.  

Next, turn on the cool airflow setting and hold for a further five to 10 seconds to set your curl. To finish, switch off the styler and gently unravel or release the section of hair.


Starting with damp hair, position the Philips AirStyler thermo brush attachment underneath a section of hair, close to the roots. Switch the Philips AirStyler on to the hot airflow setting, and then press the rotation button.

Guide the brush down the length of the section, gently pulling inwards at the ends of your hair for a smooth and professional blow-dried finish.

bh tip: The higher you hold your section of hair, the more volume you’ll achieve at the roots.

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