How-to: the Carrie Bradshaw bun

How-to: the Carrie Bradshaw bun

Whether you’re a Sex and the City devotee, or simply in the market for a brand spanking new hair ‘do for summer, odds are you’re well acquainted with the infamous ‘ballerina’, or ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ bun.

It’s a BIG deal right now. All puns intended. Seriously, this thing is mammoth, and for far too long now people have been going out of their minds trying to figure out how to recreate such a larger-than-life look with their limpish locks that just won’t go the distance.

If you want to know how simple it is to achieve this superbly summer style, watch the video above and be prepared to get Carried away…

Tips to keep in mind when attempting the look:

  • -When purchasing a donut, try to find one as close to your natural hair colour as possible. This will solve any embarrassment if your shape and tuck technique isn’t perfect.
  • -Don’t forget to place your pony at the crown of your head – the higher the better!
  • -Ensure you shape your hair loosely to the shape of the donut – and continue the motion the whole way around, trying to distribute the hair and cover the donut easily.
  • -For a sleek, chic look, use a spray gel to ensure all flyaways and shorter strands lay down flat against your head.

Stockist: Dress Me Up Hair Donut, from $10.95, or 1800 251 215

Would you do the donut? What’s the best hair innovation you have come across?

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