6 Tips To Help You Survive Party Season (Without Burning Out)

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We’re huge fans of the party season. But all that socialising and celebrating can wear a person out. So if you’re looking for tips on how to survive, you’ve come to the right place.

The key to enjoying all the occasions filling up your calendar is to allow yourself time to recharge your battery in between. And when time is short, preparation is key.

So keep these tips in mind and ensure you carve out time to take care of yourself.

#1 Up your water intake

It’s an obvious one but drinking water is one of the best ways to survive party season. Carry a bottle with you everywhere and make a conscious effort to choose H2O over other drinks during your regular day-to-day. And if you can also manage to gulp a glass in between toasts of champagne when you’re out, your head will thank you in the morning.

#2 Keep healthy snacks on hand

While we can’t always control what food will be available at the parties we attend, we can control what fuels our bodies in between. So make sure your fridge and cupboard are stocked with nutritious meals and snacks to curb the temptation of other ‘quick fixes’. Healthy can be quick too if you’re prepared.

bh recommends: Eimele Mixed Wild Berries Porridge ($55.95 for 7x 55g sachets at eimele.com)

#3 A weekly power hour

During this busy time of year, try your best to schedule in at least one hour per week as your own personal ‘power hour’. Even mark it on your calendar to keep the appointment. Fill it with whatever you need to recharge your mind and body for the week. For some, that might be a yoga class or reading a book in bed. But if you ask us, nothing beats a soothing bath and a face mask.

bh recommends: BATHEFEX EPSOM SALT – TUBEROSE + JASMINE ($12.99 at bathefex.com.au), Dermalume Hydration, Deep Hydro Sheet Mask ($23 for 5x masks at dermalume.com.au), and Spascriptions Hydrogel Under Eye Mask – Collagen ($6 at Big W).

#4 Take care of skin casualties early

Our skin typically cops a beating during the summer party season. Higher alcohol and food consumption can exacerbate skin issues, and we’ve also got sunburn, mozzie bites, and heat rash to deal with. Our advice? Don’t let them get worse. Treat anything that arises as soon as possible — don’t pull the ‘I’m too busy, I’ll deal with it later’ card. Put aloe vera on that burn, soothe your flare-ups and revert to tip number one to keep skin happy from the inside too.

bh recommends: Natralus Superfood Repair Gel ($19.20 for 200ml at natralus.com.au) and Kenkay® Extra Relief Moisturising Cream ($7.49 for 100ml at pharmacydirect.com.au)

#5 Say no (if you want to)

Just because it’s a festive time of year and there are a lot of events doesn’t mean you have to go to all of them. Saying no can sometimes be the only way to survive party season. Plus, it will allow you to enjoy the social occasions you really do want to be at even more.

#6 Stay safe

We’ve come a long way since lockdown and we’re excited for all the families who finally get to reunite over the holiday season. So here’s to remaining safe, remembering to check-in, and keeping the hand sanitiser in high rotation.

bh recommends: Isocol Rubbing Alcohol Antiseptic, $6 for 75ml at Woolworths

Have you got a busy few weeks of celebrating coming up? How do you like to recharge?

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  1. I’m out a lot lately. So just eating heaps of fruit as usual, have filtered water with me on hand always, never drank alcohol so this didn’t change at all, always find good clean plant based food to eat, smile a lot, rest when can and most importantly…doing what I want.

  2. It’s ok to say no. 100% absolutely good advice that a few people are too worried to take. It just gets crazy this time of the year with work functions, see family, see friends, birthdays and Christmas, then New Years as well

    • I said no to a Christmas party the week before Christmas as I didn’t want to spend christmas in isolation. So glad I didn’t go, turned out some people went and that would have been part of their infectious period. Being a hermit is paying off!!

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