How To Create The Perfect Romantic Updo

How To Create The Perfect Romantic Updo

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There’s no denying that Instagram is a major source for hair inspo. From tutorials to how-tos to general hair maintenance, following the right accounts can help you DIY any hairstyle your tresses desire. 

One such account is @hairbyhannahtaylor, who specialises in bridal hair and updos. Recently, Hannah shared a post on the most common mistakes she sees when styling an updo and it was so informative, we just had to share!

So with the holidays and wedding season well underway, here are hairstylist Hannah Taylor’s top five tips for giving yourself (or your friends) the perfect romantic updo.

via @hairbyhannahtaylor

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Tip 1: No straight parts

When creating a dreamy updo, Hannah says to opt for a zigzag or messy part rather than a straight one. “[Straight parts] cause harsh lines and stop the hairstyle from flowing,” she wrote on her Instagram. “The sections are too separated and you can see the scalp which is never good.”

Tip 2: Keep it low

To ensure your updo flatters all face shapes, secure the style lower. “Don’t secure the crown area too high up the head, this stops us being able to create romantic loose looking updos.”

Tip 3: Don’t braid yourself

While the majority of these tips can be done on yourself by yourself, when adding a braid, it’s best to have a friend handy to help. “When braiding, the position in which you stand is everything, if you stand to the side of the head, once you pull the braid over it looks awkward and like it doesn’t belong.” Instead, Hannah suggests that whoever is braiding your hair should stand behind you, so they can braid everything in the direction you want the braid to go.

Tip 4: Keep the bun soft

“When creating your bun, don’t grab pieces and create random barrel curls,” she writes. “this tends to look like the hair is in loops and again it doesn’t flow together.” She suggests you pull the hair side to side to secure the bun in place rather than upwards and make sure to tease out the curls so the bun looks soft.

Tip 5: It’s all about the tendrils

90s-inspired tendrils have made a major comeback this year, and Hannah emphasises how important they are for this look. “When leaving hair around the face, don’t leave a big piece and leave the rest of the hair line out,” she writes. Rather, pull out pieces from all around hairline, curl away from your face, and lightly tease.

Would you try this updo? 

Main image via via @hairbyhannahtaylor

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  1. Oh yes great idea! I’ve had a professional updo for my wedding and also for when I was a bridesmaid for my sister – but that was half up and half down. I loved being a bridesmaid a few other times too – getting the hair done was one of the best things!

  2. I think I will have a go since we are in lockdown here. I’m sure my efforts will look completely different but it may still look alright – but a bit like a different style than the original but I guess that doesn’t really matter – as long as it looks like a ‘style’ that suits my face etc lol

  3. Seashells it’s easiest if you give it a go with your eyes closed! This way we use our mind to think and ‘look’ at what we are doing with our hands. It’s a little trick that got me started being able to braid when I was a teen and was learning. It’s slow at first but you get faster as practice is had. Good luck! : )

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