How to stop your hair colour from fading

How to stop your hair colour from fading

Colour plays a major role when it comes to obtaining an exceptional mop of hair. Dull, faded locks can often look a little drab, even if the strands are in tip-top condition. Vibrant and healthy strands are what you want.

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But how does one actually maintain that freshly dyed finish beyond two weeks? Arm yourself with these foolproof tips and you’ll be looking like you just stepped out of a salon for a whole lot longer…

#1 Clarify before you colour

It doesn’t matter if you’re using an at-home hair colour kit or heading to the salon, washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo one day prior to colour is a smart idea. Doing so will ensure all product build-up is removed, allowing the colour to penetrate deeper into the hair follicle, which means longer lasting results.

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#2 Don’t shampoo straight after you colour

It might be tempting to give your strands a thorough clean after they’ve been dyed, however, waiting at least 48 hours is wise. This allows the molecules in the dye to really penetrate and set into your strands.

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#3 Use products that actually focus on your hair’s needs

You’d never cleanse sensitive skin with a product designed to tackle severe acne, would you? Nope. Well, the same rule applies to your hair – you should use products that actually target your hair concerns. (Read: a shampoo and conditioning duo that contain colour-protecting ingredients.)

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#4 Embrace dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is possibly one of the best beauty inventions. It not only gives you extra time in the morning (hello, sleep in!), it also prevents your shiny new hair hue from washing prematurely down the drain. Simple spray it onto your dry roots in the AM in lieu of using liquid shampoo, and you’ll see dirt and oil instantly disappear.

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#5 Don’t stand directly under the showerhead

Yes, we do realise you need to stick your head under the water to rinse your hair, but keep it to a minimum, please. Water is one of the main culprits of colour fade, so don’t pop your head under the water unless necessary, and keep the water temperature turned to warm. Adding a filter to your showerhead can also minimise the amount of minerals in the water, which can contribute to colour fade.

#6 Never skip the SPF

Sunscreen isn’t just for your skin – your hair needs protection from sun damage, too. UV rays are able to penetrate the cuticle of your hair, which can breakdown or bleach your hair hue. Apply a protective product each day, or on days you’ll be spending hours upon hours in the sun at the very least.

Try:Clairol Professional Sun Spark Conditioning LotionWella Professionals SP Sun UV Spray

#7 Thermal protection is a must

Don’t even think about styling your hair without protecting it first. Just don’t. Heat breaks down the dye molecules in your hair, causing the colour to fade, so apply a thermal protectant to damp strands before blow-drying, and dry hair before straightening.

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#8 Treat your hair with care

Everyone should aim to keep their hair in tip-top shape, but it’s essential for those with coloured strands. Dry, damaged hair isn’t able to retain added colour as well as healthy hair, so if you want your hair to remain fresh for longer, use extra nourishing conditioners and hydrating masks at least once a week.

Try: Molton Brown Mer-rouge Deep Conditioning Mask, evo the great hydrator moisture mask, Morrocanoil Weightless Hydrating Mask

#9 Perfect your drying technique

We’re all guilty of commiting one blow-drying mistake or another, and one of the biggest consequences of neglecting to dry your locks safely, is colour fade. To stop fading locks dead in their tracks, be sure to keep your dryer at arm’s length at minimum, rather than applying the heat directly against your hair.  A good indication of whether it’s too close is your scalp. Ideally, 10-12cm is safe, and just be sure to keep it moving at all times. Focusing the air on the one spot for too long is a surefire way to speed u the colour fading process. Lastly, invest in a good dryer that’ll work to protect your hair, not damage it. 

Try:Remington Pro-Air Turbo, EVY Professional InfusaLite Dryer 

#10 Alternate between visits

To save you money and time, try spacing pricy salon splurges out by alternating with an at home hair colour kit in between. A single process is simple and effective, so long as you stick to a similar shade to your current hair colour. For a DIY kit that will last for weeks at a time, opt for a moisturising formula that will help condition the strands for a healthier shine. 

Try: Schwarzkopf Nectra ColourClairol Nice ‘N Easy

Do you colour your hair? Do you struggle to maintain your freshly dyed hue? What colour savings tricks do you use?

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