7 ways to combat oily hair


Whether it’s thanks to genetics or the habits you keep, oily hair can seriously derail your beauty game. But don’t fret, because the good news is you don’t have to suffer the indignities of it any longer.

So when your locks are looking greasier than a slice of pizza, take action! Keep oil production under control and beat the grease with any of these easy (and seriously brilliant) oily hair hacks.

Wash less often

Though it might sound a little counterintuitive to stave off the ‘poo in order to keep the slick at bay, the fact is that the more your scalp is constantly being stripped of oils, the harder it works to try and replace it, making your locks greasier than necessary. Re-evaluate your washing routine, and get another day in between each shower session. Also, consider using a clarifying shampoo and alternating between this and your regular shampoo to rid the hair of any product build-up. Clarifying shampoos are notorious for eliminating grease – and hair colour – so just be wary of how often you use it.

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Only condition the ends

Applying too much conditioner to your hair can really weigh it down and cause oily roots. Instead, stick to conditioning from the mid-lengths down.

Rinse thoroughly

If you find one particular area of your head tends to get greasier than the rest, it could be a sign you’re not rinsing all that shampoo and conditioner out of your hair. Once you’ve lathered up and washed your mane as per usual, turn the temperature down to cold for a final rinse. Voila! Perfectly clean hair. It’s not the most fun, but the results are amazing.

De-slick on the go

When you’re out and about and notice the slick comin’ on, tackle the slippery issue of greasy roots with a sprinkle of miracle dust otherwise known as taft powder. It soaks up oil and livens your locks, adding fullness and oomph, sans the white residue.

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Be smart with your dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is not only going to suck up oil from your roots, but it’ll allow you to spend more time in between washes, making your hair less greasy in the long run. Just be careful not to overuse it: too much of a good thing can backfire, and in the case of dry shampoo, it means more grease – the exact problem you set out to fix. So next time, instead of blasting your scalp, spray a little dry shampoo on your paddle brush and comb it through.

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Balance your brushing

On the one hand, not brushing enough keeps sebum from being evenly distributed throughout your hair, however over-brushing can overstimulate oil production, so it’s important to try and find the right balance. If you’re brushing your hair in the morning and evening, you’re onto a good thing.

Refrain from touching

Our hands produce oils that can be transferred, meaning the more you touch and play with your hair, the greasier it’ll get.

Do you suffer from oily hair? What have you done to beat the slick?

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