How-to: pick the best blonde hue for you

How-to: pick the best blonde hue for you

Want to know if blondes really do have more fun? (Call me blonde biased but I say they do!).

Before you rush out to put the theory (and your hair) to the test, it’s important to make sure you’re sporting the right shade of blonde for your skin tone.

Wella Colour Ambassador, Marie Uva, shares her tips on finding the perfect shade of blonde to suit your skin tone…

If you have…fair skin

People with fair skin are more suited to ‘cooler’ shades of blonde, such as those with more white or ash tones and little or no warmth. The reason being is that fairer skin generally has underlying pink pigments, which is complemented by the whiter, icier blonde tones. Wella Professionals’ Campari Collection flaunts four gorgeous new shades of blonde, each incorporated with 3D Colour Techniques to create a service that achieves a variety of tones for either a blonde transformation or enhancement, so there’s a blonde to suit every woman.”¨ 

If you have…olive skin

Those with olive skin tones generally suit ‘warmer’ shades of blonde, although depending on the person’s eye colouring they may also be able to get away with cooler hues too. Generally speaking though, a golden or creamy blonde flatters olive skin tones best as it complements the yellow undertones in their skin without making them look too washed out or bland. ”¨ 

If you have…darker skin

Dark skin tones have underlying yellow and orange pigments, so I would definitely only stick to honey blondes and caramel hues as they not only complement the underlying pigment in the skin, but also the depth of darker skin tones too. Wella Professionals’ new Koleston Perfect and Color Touch blonde shades will allow your hairdresser to achieve a variety of fantastic blonde tones, even if your skin is darker.

Have you ever gone blonde or had blonde highlights?

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