How to keep your hairstyle while you sleep

How to keep your hairstyle while you sleep

Q: How do you keep a fresh wash and blow-dry perfect for the next day? – girlwithcurls, NSW

A: The key to keeping your fabulous blowdry looking perfect the next day is to go easy on any hair products! Product can be great for styling and keeping your hair in place but after 24 hours it can begin to weigh the hair down, make it oily or even make it feel dirty. Hairspray can also dry your hair out due to the alcohol in it, so use it sparingly. Also, when you have a shower try to use a shower cap, as daggy as it seems it will actually protect your hair from absorbing moisture, which will ruin your blow-dry and make your hair limp!

Finally, when its time for bed use a smooth or silk pillowcase, which will reduce the friction of your hair rubbing against the pillow while you sleep so when you wake up you will still have a bouncy blow-dry and not a birds-nest!
 – Lindsey Taemeka, Salon Manager of Oscar Oscar Salon, Paddington, Sydney

What tricks do you have for keeping your style in tact? 

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