The natural way to get Kate Middleton’s waves

The natural way to get Kate Middleton’s waves

Kate Middleton has amazing hair. Actually, let’s make that outstanding hair. It’s just always so gloriously bouncy, you know? And shiny. So shiny!

After her recent slip-of-the-tongue, which may or may not have revealed the sex of her royal baby, I’ve been thinking a lot about Catherine’s hair. As a mum-to-be, the Duchess of Cambridge is likely to be avoiding unnecessary chemicals and harsh ingredients when it comes to styling said splendid hair, as well as in other areas of her life.

But she hasn’t ditched the exceptionally glossy waves, so what exactly is she using? And more importantly, what should we be using if we want to follow suit? Well, these products are an ideal place to start…

NATURAL HAIR MUST-HAVE #1: hydrating shampoo and conditioner
You can’t get Kate Middleton-esque hair without shiny, nourished strands. And because dry, damaged locks can’t be fixed using styling products only, you need to boost your strands’ hydration levels from the get go. (Read: in the shower.) Shampoos and conditioners containing natural nourishing ingredients will not only enhance your hair’s strength and moisture levels, but improve its manageability when it comes to styling those waves, too.
Try: Olive Hair Nourishing Shampoo, and Puretopia Shine & Gloss Conditioner

NATURAL HAIR MUST-HAVE #2: volumising mousse
A girl cannot hold on to her curls without employing some mousse. Better yet, choose a volumising variety for extra bounce and body. Bonus: natural styling products are likely to be packed with shine- and softness-enhancing ingredients, which means your style will never look crunchy or dull.
Try: Philip Martin’s Italian Organic Lifestyle Natural Mousse ($35,

NATURAL HAIR MUST-HAVE #3: heat protectant spray
There’s no way Kate Middleton allows any stylist to touch her glossy, healthy locks with any heat styler – be it a blow-dryer or a curling tong – without first applying a heat protector. And because the Duchess of Cambridge’s signature hairstyle does in fact require both tools, it’s best you arm yourself with one as well.
Try:Biosthetics Heat Protector

NATURAL HAIR MUST-HAVE #4: wide-toothed comb
When recreating this style, blow-dry and curl your hair using a wide-barrelled curling tool. Next, allow your hair to cool for 10-or-so minutes before gently brushing out the curls to create that bouncy hairstyle we always see Kate sporting. An eco-friendly wide-toothed comb is ideal for this, as it won’t snag the hair or make it frizzy, and will leave your waves looking wonderfully natural.
Try:Brightwood Amazonia Wood Hair Comb

NATURAL HAIR MUST-HAVE #5: shine-enhancing serum or spray
Need to amp up your hair’s natural shine factor? Look for lightweight shine sprays containing flower oils or argan oil, as the spray functionality will ensure you never apply too much product, and the richness of the oil will nourish the hair while also making it glossy and smooth.
Try:muk Haircare Spa Argan Oil Repair Shine Spray ($34.95)

NATURAL HAIR MUST-HAVE #6: strong hold hairspray
Hairspray is a genius invention, and is the one thing that will prevent your style from dropping in, oh, about 30 minutes. Spray your hair at a 30cm distance, allow it to set, and then toss your head over and run your hands through your strands. This will prevent any signs of a crispy finish, and create extra volume and movement, too.
Try: Suigo Hairlook Arts Firm Hold Shaping Spray

Are you a huge fan of Kate Middleton’s signature shiny waves? Are you keen to recreate her bouncy hairstyle? Do you have any favourite natural hairstyling products?

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