How to hide the signs of ageing

How to hide the signs of ageing

We spend so much time and money on serums, potions and lotions to use on our skin in order to banish wrinkles, diminish darkness, and deal with fine lines and sagging. But what if we’re missing a trick when it comes to hiding the signs of ageing?

Our skin isn’t the only part of us to give away our age. Our hair also acts as an age indicator, revealing how many birthdays you’ve had, no matter how wrinkle-free your skin may be. Worse still, it can even expose a number that’s older than you actually are – if you don’t take the appropriate measures to ensure it stays looking youthful, that is.

Two important ways to hide the signs of ageing

Keep the greys at bay

It may seem kind of obvious, but the onset of grey hairs can be one of the most obvious ways to communicate your age to others – whether you intend to or not. If you’re finding more and more silver strands upon your head (and trust me, they rarely come alone), it may be time to switch to a hair colour that works to successfully cover them every time.
For women who want to effectively cover greys and even prevent new ones from appearing, Garnier Olia’s unique Oil Delivery System propels colour deep into the hair follicle for longer-lasting colour and vibrance. Want to know the best thing about Garnier Olia? The efficiency of the at-home hair colour now means that you can help manage the appearance of ageing (and specifically, of grey hair) at home, without regular trips to the salon.

Make sure your hair stays shiny

We all know that dry and dull hair doesn’t really reflect a young and healthy person. Make sure your hair stays looking as youthful as you feel by switching to an at-home hair colour that’s powered by oil, not ammonia, and works to deliver enviable shine, healthier strands, and long-lasting, vibrant colour. The Garnier Olia home hair colour is made with a mix of camellia, sunflower, limnanthes and passionflower oils, makes colouring your hair at home more like a treatment than a shine-enhancing, grey hair-covering exercise.

How do you successfully hide the signs of ageing?

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