A simple trick for hiding regrowth


Oh, us ladies have it tough sometimes. Between hiding our weekly beauty rituals, breaking the rules and solving these five big beauty issues, the last thing we need to worry about is a little regrowth. 

These ladies know exactly how you feel, beauties. And while there is definitely some merit in rockin’ the grown-out look, sometimes you just wish you’d dealt with the issue sooner. Sound all too familiar?

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When you can’t get to the salon, follow in Kate Hudson’s foosteps. Here, she shows us the best way to combat regrowth – no matter how many centimeters of natural colour starts poking through. Her trick to tackling regrowth is this: a naturally textured low ‘do. 

But how does this hairstyle conceal her need for a dye job? When you part your hair in a dead straight line, it highlights your regrowth. And if your locks are down and harshly parted, your roots will be even more obvious. Yes, you can create a zig-zag part and apply a volumising product like dry shampoo to create height at the roots and distract wandering eyes from your regrowth, but Kate’s updo goes one better.

By loosely pulling back your hair into a low bun or ponytail without any obvious parting, you eliminate lines; lines that will only emphasise your regrowth. She’s also made the most of her hair’s natural texture to create a little height and imperfection, as straightening her strands would’ve once again made the colour change stand out even more. Bravo, Kate.

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So, I suggest you all follow suit and use this wise styling idea (or any of these other lazy-girl go-to styles) when you’re too busy to hit the salon chair. You don’t have to be blonde either – this tricks works wonderfully well for redheads and brunettes, too. Promise.

Do you struggle to hide your regrowth in-between dye jobs? What are your tricks for hiding your roots? And will you be utilising Kate Hudson’s smart hairstyling trick?

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