Natural tricks for a magnificent mane

Natural tricks for a magnificent mane

I have such a love-hate relationship with hair. The love part? Easy. I have a serious obsession with Gisele-like locks. I’m talking thick, tumbling, shiny tresses so enviable, heads turn on the street and women want to curse my name. The hate part is, here in the real world, I have a straight and sorry excuse of a mane, which makes accomplishing those kind of waves quite the task.

If you’re dealing with locks that are less-than-luscious, don’t worry – there’s still hope. With just a few lifestyle changes, you can greatly work your way to longer, stronger hair sans any gluing, weaving, clipping or stitching. Best of all, these changes will not only benefit your hair, but also boost your health AND slash the amount of time in front of the mirror.

#1 Treat the problem

Split ends are never going to lead to long, luscious locks, so beat the beast with a little TLC. Al’chemy Ylang Ylang Colour-Care Shampoo will protect and restore colour- or chemically-treated hair by deeply conditioning each strand while maintaining that gorgeous hue your stylist spent hours on. Follow up with the Macadamia & Wheat Protein Treatment Conditioner to restore the damaged ends in need of intensive care. This treatment works wonders on treating both the hair and scalp, and kudos to Al’chemy for ditching those nasties.

#2 Drink up

By loading up on H20, you’ll help your body to process and flush out yucky toxins, and encourage your tresses to get a move on in the growing department! Drinking around eight cups of water a day will hydrate your hair from the inside out, meaning it’s far less likely to snap.

#3 Back away from the tools

Hey you, with the straightener in your hand! Put the tool down and back away slowly. Our poor hair is under constant stress from all the pulling, styling, brushing and spraying that it doesn’t really ever have time to recuperate. To give your hair a break, try to limit the number of days you tamper with it to just a few. And when you do use your favourite styling tools, don’t forget to apply a little heat protecting spray – your hair will thank you for it.

What au naturel tips do you use for healthy, growing hair?

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