Split ends 101

Split ends 101

Are you tired of never-ending split ends? Haven’t got the cash to spare for expensive treatments that don’t even work? Well look no further, for there is a solution, and it can be yours for under $20 – seriously.

Imagine, a haircare regimen (three winning products) that is specially formulated for women like us that want to maintain the healthiness of our hair without spending a fortune.

Add to that the fact that it’s clinically proven to reduce spilt ends by up to 90 per cent: I know! We nearly choked on our morning mocha when we first found out! A deluxe, hassle-free, salon-like solution that actually works and still leaves enough change for that mid-morning Danish – surely too good to be true? But believe it ladies, for we can tell you that it’s real all right!

So what is this magical regimen that promises to rid you of split ends?
Palmolive Naturals Healthy Ends Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner.

Suitable for daily use, the premium yet affordable ultra-creamy formula is enriched with 100 per cent natural silk extracts and pro-vitamin B5 to help strengthen and protect hair, taming split ends.

So what causes split ends?

Over-brushing your hair

Hair elastics

Heated appliances



These are all factors that help to contribute to split ends and we’re guessing that, like us, you’re guilty of at least one. Not only will Palmolive Naturals Healthy Ends help to tame split ends if used regularly, it will also save you time (you can pop it in your basket while doing your weekly food shop) and money (all three products cost just $5.48 each). Spilt end treatment has never been so simple!

So, for healthy hair that stays strong against split ends, invest in the new Palmolive Naturals Healthy Ends range – we have!

The beautyheaven Trial Team was lucky enough to get their hands on it before anyone else, here’s what they thought

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