How to achieve your favourite celebrity’s hair colour

How to achieve your favourite celebrity’s hair colour

Are you in need of a little hair inspiration? Perhaps you’re sick of your current hair colour and are wondering what to do with your strands next?

Look no further than your favourite celebrity. These guys are paid to look the part, so they definitely know a thing or two about awesome hair. Copying them is easy; you just need the tools to help you achieve a similar look and a little bit of know how…

So, how do you find the right look?

First up, pick a celebrity with similar colouring to you, or someone with a hair colour you truly covet. Next, find an at-home hair colour that will achieve a similar result. The John Frieda® Precision Foam Colour range is perfect as it includes 28 beautifully natural hues to choose from. It also includes the Salon Blends Collection – three shades containing a blend of three unique tones: warm, cool and neutral. This means each hair colour in the Salon Blends Collection  is multi-dimensional and features a depth normally reserved for salon-only colour services.

Check out these five gorgeous celebrity hair colours and find out how you can get a similar look at home…

Look #1: Platinum blonde a la Lara Bingle

With a fresh crop and some clever highlighting, Lara Bingle is like a new woman. We love the ashy blonde tones throughout her hair as they ‘lift’ her complexion – and work incredibly well with a punchy red lip.

To achieve a similar colour result: try John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in 10A SHEER BLONDE® Extra Light Ash Blonde. The light tones emphasise your features and offer a flattering contrast to any look.

Look #2: Sandy blonde a la Candice Swanepoel

If you prefer a more golden blonde over an ashy hue, then a sandy blonde is a great option. This colour is also perfect if you have naturally dark hair, as you can get away with having your roots showing through (ash blonde hair isn’t quite as forgiving).

To achieve a similar colour result: try John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in 8G SHEER BLONDE® Medium Golden Blonde.The golden blonde tones are perfect for anyone who wants to go blonder without having to undergo a drastic change. They’re also ideal for summer!

Look #3: Bronze a la Scarlett Johannson

A truly unique hair colour, this multi-tonal bronze hue is the right mix of blonde, caramel and shimmery copper. As a bonus, this hair colour flatters most skin tones, so it is ideal for those who want to change up their look, but aren’t sure which hue to go for.

To achieve a similar colour result: try John Frieda Precision Foam Colour 7NBG Salon Blends Dark Caramel Blonde. The mix of blonde and caramel tones creates a natural-looking colour that’s sure to complement your skin tone.

Look #4: Chocolate brown a la Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge always rocks a truly delicious chocolate brown mane – and with good reason. The scrumptious colour has depth and vitality and is the definition of sophistication – a fitting choice for a royal.

To achieve a similar colour result: try John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in 5NBG Salon Blends Medium Chestnut Brown. With just a touch of warmth, this hair colour is the ultimate choice for anyone who wants to rock a dark hue that screams elegance.

Look #5: Ebony a la Megan Fox

It seems that super dark hues are making a massive comeback, with stars like Megan Fox and the Kardashian sisters owning their sultry locks. An ideal canvas for any make-up look, the deep brown/black trend is a good choice for anyone who wants to take their look to a truly deep, vibrant level.

To achieve a similar colour result: try John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in 3N BRILLIANT BRUNETTE® Deep Brown-Black. The luminous fusion of deep brown and black helps to provide a subtle contrast that suits almost any complexion.

The secret to keeping your new colour looking fabulous at home:

If you want to ensure your new ‘do continues to look and feel its best, you can’t go past John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Intense After-Colour Conditioner. It’s the same conditioner you’ll find in your Precision Foam Colour box, only larger. The hydrating treatment works to seal the tones of your hair colour and protect  it from fading. If you want to ensure you get the most from your new ‘do, make sure you choose a shampoo and conditioner range to suit your new hue. John Frieda have a brilliant range of haircare products to suit your hair colour, simply choose from the BRILLIANT BRUNETTE®, SHEER BLONDE® and RADIANT RED® ranges!

Which hair colour do you most like the look of?

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