Trend watch: Sky-high hair

Trend watch: Sky-high hair

Amy Winehouse has been doing a Priscilla Presley for ages. Hollywood starlets have also been sporting them of late and the much-hyped remake of Hairspray even got John Travolta into one. But when Gwen sent her LAMB models down the New York runway this week wearing classic 60s beehives, she sealed it – the biggest of all hairdos is back. With oomph.

It all starts with teasing. Start by sectioning your hair into three-inch-wide sections before injecting your roots with TIGI Catwalk Root Boost. Then use a comb to tease two-inches up the length of each section, giving each a spritz with Sebastian Professional Originals Shaper Hairspray for hold and workable control. Now lightly brush over the top sections to create the shape you want – you can leave it loose like Bridget Bardot, tie only the top half a la Lily Allen or pull it all up for a more sophisticated effect. Just be sure to smooth it over before a final shot of hairspray – this is a beehive, not a wasp’s nest.

Wear it sexy like LAMB, with heavy licks of eyeliner, dark shadow and dramatically false lashes, or go for the fresher-faced look of Sandra Dee. Just join the hive mind now. All the coolest kids are doing it. You know you want to…  


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